Olympic sprint champion Victoria Pendleton is set to launch her own range of bikes, according to Halfords’ twitter feed.

The bike retailer, that launched the Boardman range in 2007, Tweeted pictures of today’s photoshoot in London. “Just at a photo shoot with Victoria Pendlton, launching her new range of bikes.” Their feed read.

The pictures show Pendleton, the current Olympic sprint champion, with a blue town bike, the only clue as to the range they’ll be launching at the end of March.

Today’s shoot in London comes three weeks before the track world cup at the new Olympic velodrome where Pendleton will look to secure qualification points for the world championships and Olympics.

Pendleton braves the January weather to launch her new bike range. Picture from Halfords’ Twitter feed

Picture from Halfords’ Twitter feed

  • andrew

    The marketing of this bike is a con which is a shame considering its a beautiful bike.
    The bike in the pictures with victoria is not the same as the one on sale in halfords. The detail for eg cream handle bars in picture cheap looking chrome in shop and nice rounded quality bell in picture cheap one attached in shop .which is quite important especially from a womens point of view going for style and looks as well as quality as my wife pointed out to me . This was the main reason why she did not buy it, even the guy in the shop said that they had noticed this problem ….Its false advertising.

  • Ken Evans

    Boardman’s bikes are sports bikes,
    Pendleton’s are street bikes.

    Why isn’t Pendleton also branding some sports bikes ?

    The bike shown in the photo is completely unsuited to riding in central London,
    where a lightweight, nimble, fast, and agile bike is needed,
    to avoid getting run over by all the blind dangerous drivers.

    It also doesn’t have lights fitted, which are required at this time of the year.
    It also lacks several reflectors, which are useful too.

  • Jasper

    I’m surprised she still finds time to ride her bike between all these marketing activities.