Boardman Bikes company bought by retailer Halfords

Boardman Bikes has been acquired by cycle and car parts retailer Halfords for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition of the company founded by former Olympic and World Champion Chris Boardman was announced by Halfords on Wednesday. It follows recent news that Halford’s bicycle sales had surged last year, leading to an increase in the company’s profits.

Since its inception in 2007, Boardman Bikes’ Performance Series have been available exclusively via Halfords, with models priced up to £1,500. This close relationship had mistakenly led many to believe that Halfords already owned the brand.

Boardman Bikes‘ Elite Series, priced between £2000 and £9000, are currently available via independent dealers and not stocked by Halfords. Despite purchasing Boardman, Halfords will continue not to stock Elite Series bikes.

Although a figure has not being released by either party, it is rumoured that Halfords paid up to £15million for Boardman Bikes. It is thought that money will now be invested by Halfords into developing Boardman’s range further.

Halfords chief executive Matt Davies said: “Our investment in Boardman Bikes, which have been ridden by multiple Olympic and world champions, demonstrates our growing position as a specialist cycling retailer.”

Boardman himself will continue as the bike company’s chair and design director. “This step will take the brand to the next level and their backing will allow us to further develop our research and development and extend our award-winning cycling ranges,” he said.

The Boardman Bikes range currently encompasses a broad range of models, including road, time trial, mountain bike, track, cyclo-cross and hybrid ranges.

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  • The_Black_Aristocrat

    Boardman bikes are incredible value for money – bought two pro’s 3 years ago, each has performed faultlessly. To build a bike yourself with the same quality frame and components, would probably cost around 75% to 100% more.

  • Stephen Lewis

    Just had 2 faulty Boardman Hybrid Pro bikes out of Halfords – after sales service abmysmal. now on bike number 3 – this is not good for the Boardman brand, why oh why Halfords

  • John McGrory

    Halfords = awful.
    My Boardman Road Team Carbon = outstanding.

  • One in a million

    Halfords are awful end of.

  • kr1960

    best bike I’ve ever ridden. Couldn’t care less about any negative image – more fool anyone who sees things that way. Couldn’t care less about the service – Just paid my £1000, got on and rode home. Still wondering how they could have produced such a great frame for so little money. And if Chris Boardmans made a mint, he deserves every penny after all he’s done for British cycling.

  • edwin

    Shocking service in both Halfords I tried recently and that was only to buy a helmet they had cheaper than anywhere else.

  • Paul Mcknockiter

    Halfords after their car epics wouldn’t touch em with a barge pole

  • dourscot

    They still have a MAMIL image problem – assuming that’s a problem of course.