Fabian Cancellara signs off from Paris-Roubaix in dubious style - crashing on his lap of honour and sliding into a puddle

Fabian Cancellara would have wanted to say goodbye to Paris-Roubaix by crossing the line first and sealing his fourth victory. Instead he finished on his backside after taking a tumble on his lap of honour.

The Swiss saw his chances of winning destroyed by a crash on the five-star Mons-en-Pévèle sector and he rolled in over three minutes down on winner Mathew Hayman.

But as he waved goodbye to his fans in the Roubaix velodrome he grabbed a huge Swiss flag on a stick to take with him on his lap.

Team Sky’s Servais Knaven talks about Ian Stannard’s podium finish at Paris-Roubaix

It backfired somewhat, with Cancellara losing some grip on his back wheel, skidding and finally crashing to the track and sliding down the boards into a puddle.

To be fair to the man, he styled it out somewhat – as much as you can when you’re on your backside in a puddle, anyway.

It brought to an end Cancellara’s storied cobbled Classics career, in which he won three Tours of Flanders and three Paris-Roubaix titles.

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  • Habanero

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  • Stevie

    Fabian has a degree in mechanical engineering? You can buy motors currently that run and are noticeable. To make one that was silent and implement it without any whistle blowers would be almost impossible. Yet alone the amount of tech research/ development which would be ground breaking for the engineering industry for reducing motor noise. If someone had developed this tech would they offer it to a cyclist or patent it. One of these two outcomes would make them a tidy sum the other would make them a multimillionaire.

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  • David Chadderton

    Very sorry you fell off Fabian. A good ride in the race of course. But, track racers know that we cannot mess about on the bankings and have to treat them with great respect. Even concrete can be slippery. With puddles on the azure, there was moisture on the track and dampness in the air. We stay off the slopes in those conditions. Holding firmly onto the handlebars is also necessary for safety. Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

  • David Kerry

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    Does anybody have any proof? The answer is, if you go out of your bias and go rational, maybe. That win still looks very suspicious to this day.

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    The answer is no

  • David Kerry

    So glad this doping motorised cheater didn’t win!! Best cycling fall I’ve seen in ages!!

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