Svein Tuft and his Garmin-Transitions team received a hefty fine from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) yesterday at the Giro d’Italia because Tuft failed to wear his Canadian national champion’s kit.

This morning, Tuft explained, “It was one of those things.”

However, the price paid for the error was 2,500 Swiss Francs (£1,500, €1,735).

“I put it in one of our bags in the truck before leaving the hotel because I was just not thinking that it was an actual time trial. At least for me, it was not one that I was gunning for.”

Tuft started the 12.9-kilometre time trial with his normal Garmin-Transitions kit because it would have taken too much time for one of the team staff to return to the hotel from the start in San Vigilio.

“I hoped I could get away with it.”

The UCI had a keen eye that morning despite an early start and noticed Tuft, who finished third at the Varese Worlds time trial behind Bert Grabsch. Jury president, Vincente Tortajada, approached sports director Matt White for an explanation.

Svein Tuft, Giro d'Italia 2010, stage 16 TT

Svein Tuft: Forgot his PE kit

“He said that the rider simply forgot his jersey. Sometimes a team will have a reasonable excuse – perhaps a jersey is ripped due to a fall or it’s somehow damaged – but when we asked, the director simply said the jersey was forgotten,” Tortajada explained.

“The range of fine is from 2,500 to 5,000, so we chose the smallest fine possible to try to be fair.”

The fine will not come directly out of Tuft’s pay check, but out of the team’s budget created at the start of the year to handle miscellaneous fines.

“I think that is a little steep. I felt pretty bad because of it,” Tuft continued. “It wasn’t intentional, I just didn’t have it with me. In fact, I love wearing it the kit with the maple leaf.”

The UCI commissaires hand out fines daily for miscellaneous violations. There were 12 violations today, totalling 800 Swiss Francs.

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  • Daniel

    There is an error in the article.

    Svein won the silver medal at the World Time Trial Championships in 2008 in Varesse.

    Dave Zabriskie rounded out the podium in third place.

  • Ken Evans

    Who gets the money ? Mr McQuaid ?

    What will it be spent on ? Lawyers ?

  • Roadie

    I agree this fine is way over the top. There are way too many rules in cycling, which shirt you wear, how long your bars are, wheel size! Really does it matter what shirt we wear on our backs? We just want to race our bikes, as fast & as well as we can! Am also in favour of vote of no confidence in UCI.

  • Simon

    What infringements were the other riders fined for? Anyone know?

  • Andy Storey

    Totally agree Finbar. Give him a good telling off, but a fine. I’d like to know how we place a vote of no confidence in the UCI. Pretty sure a few half decent riders would sign up!,19528,15264_6171732,00.html

  • Finbar

    Don’t the UCI have more important things to worry about at the moment? Is this them trying to prove that they can crack down when they need to? They really don’t do themselves any favours, do they?

  • dodg

    The fine should have been much much steeper, I had to endure another rider in the Garmin argyle when there was a valid reason to give me a break for the day..

  • Petit breton

    More proof of how petty and useless the uci are