Director of the Giro d’Italia, Angelo Zomegnan, has been requested to step down by event organiser RCS Sport after seven years in charge of the race.

According to RCS Sport, Zomegnan will remain with the organisation in a development role. RCS Sport general director Michele Acquarone will take on responsibility for race organisation, with Mauro Vegni assuming responsibility for race management.

A statement issued by RCS Sport on Tuesday said: “To Angelo Zomegnan, RCS Sport tributes recognition and gratitude for the valuable contribution in recent years, which has allowed to significantly increase the reputation and relevance of the Giro d’Italia, both in Italy and abroad.

“The organization of the Giro d’Italia and other RCS Sport cycling events will continue in the name of continuity with the purpose of maintaining the excellent level of quality achieved so far and aiming at excellence in the organisation of sport events: quality objectives that represent the mission of all RCS Sport branches.”

This year’s edition of the Italian Grand Tour was heavily criticised by riders, team management and fans after the death of Leopard-Trek rider Wouter Weylandt on the descent of the Passo Del Bocco on stage three.

The race then suffered organisational set-backs including the re-routing of stage 14 to avoid the controversial Crostis climb, which triggered a protest from disgruntled fans at the roadside.

The route of final time trial stage in Milan was also changed at the last minute to avoid clashing with local election traffic.

Zomegnan took on the role of Giro d’Italia race director in 2004, having previously worked for Italian sports paper Gazzetta dello Sport from 1979.

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  • Cavologuardi

    As always there seems to be a disconnect between the riders and teams on the one hand and the organisers and tifosi on the other. As fans we want spectacle. The Giro of 2010 had it in abundance and that was thanks, at least in part, to the planning of Sr. Zomegnan (and the interference of the weather on occasion)… and so did this year’s Tour (bravo M. Prudhomme)… but ultimately, if the riders don’t feel safe, what can you do?

    Schlecklette was criticised for moaning about a couple of the descents on this year’s Tour but given that Wouter was in his team, I think his sentiments were perfectly understandable. Mike is right, though, poor Wouter came a cropper on a pretty indistinct stretch of downhill… and Zomegnan cannot be held responsible for that. What grates is the suspicion that riders’ fears are being manipulated by directeurs sportif to influence the overall result of stage races.

  • Mike Parkes

    Maybe the Crostis descent was a little silly, it really was overly dangerous and I’m definitely not someone who says that often, but Weylandt killed on a pretty normal and very safe descent. I don’t want to say this but he was killed due to his lack of attention to the road furniture. It had nothing to do with a dangerous descent.

    Zomegnan has made the Giro what it is today, a regularly exciting and unpredictable race, with routes that take in interesting gravel climbs and make the racing a little more difficult.

  • colnago dave

    And who led the protest regarding the route leading to his removal, but Bjarne of the whingeing brothers fame.
    Pity Bjarne and Co can not be as effective against some of the stupidity stemming from the UCI, but wait a minute I forgot he can not afford to upset the UCI in case they remember his misdemeanors including signing Alberto.