Bradley Wiggins has confirmed that he will focus on the Giro d’Italia in 2013, but that he will be on the start line of the Tour de France in a supporting role, probably for Chris Froome.

When asked his impressions of the route he said it looked tough, that the Tour is never easy, but that he would most likely focus on winning the Giro, instead of the Tour.

He went on to say that in this day and age it was all but impossible to attempt to win two Grand Tours in a season, and that the Giro was something he would like to win.

The admission came after a mock interview conducted by Mark Cavendish. The pair asked each other questions on the route, before Cavendish asked what Wiggins thought of Lance Armstrong. They both agreed that the sport needed to move forward.

The 2013 route throws up a rare chance for Cavendish to pull on the Tour’s yellow jersey as it starts with a flat stage on the island of Corsica. During the pairs mock interview, Wiggins pointed out that Cavendish would have to beat Griepel if he was going to do it.

Wiggins last rode the Giro in 2010 when he used it as preparation for the Tour de France. 

  • david

    Sky actually arent a Murdoch company. News Corp own less than half of the company and for reasons well documented earlier in the year, they are unlikely to be able to complete a takeover in the near future.

    I have a problem with Murdoch, but I do think Sky are doing the right thing supporting British Cycling so they deserve credit for that.

    Sam’s right about Froomey’s missus too!

  • Mike

    I dont understand this anti Sky stance. It is a British based and run team that is focused on bringing through British riders, in a drug free environment.

    I have no time for Sky as a company, but that is just the name on the jersey. The riders and the staff are the ones I support.

    I have a feeling that a lot of this anti Sky stuff is down to the British dislike of success. I support the rider, not the team.

  • Mike

    Good on Brad. It is high time riders and teams realised there is more to cycling than the TDF.

    This can only raise the profile of the Giro. I find it disrespectfull to other races when riders say they are only using them as preparation for the Tour.

    Wiggo has already won the Tour, having the Giro, if he can win it, on his palmares can only enhance his reputation.

  • ian sinclair

    Gone are the days of trying to win the three major tours in a year, and throw in a world road race championship for good measure.

  • Woody

    Frank has made a spot on comment.

  • Frank Green

    Whats with this mantra of you must support Team Sky stuff? I dont buy into Murdoch mania, if i was paid the £40 to wear the Sky jersey i couldnt. Nothing against the riders or the set up just that name sends shudders down my spine of sinister collusion against the miners and hillsborough victims.

  • Woody

    I don’t think I’ve made any negative comments, just posed a couple of interesting questions. And why “should [I] just decide to support Sky”? Sky, after all, are a Murdoch company.

  • john mostyn

    Perhaps Woody should just decide to support Sky, the team and its ridrs for what they are, the work they do and all their efforts rather than make negative comments.
    Sam and Samuel G have both made spot on comments.

    John M

  • Woody

    Maybe I’m just a traditionalist.
    By the way, has Chris Froome ever lived in Britain? (Holidays and Sky shindigs don’t count)

  • Phil

    This is great news.

    I think the Giro is arguably the best of all the three grand tours. It’s a beautiful race with a great route every year.

    Wiggins is right to try and win it. There is more to cycling than the TDF after all.

    Here’s hoping that ITV cover it on ITV 4 next year.

  • Gary P

    Couldn’t agree more with Sam. Spot on!

  • adam

    Sam – you’re spot on there. So I can’t really add anything other than good luck to them all through the season!

  • Samuel G

    what could be more honourable than a reigning champion conceding that his team mate is a better bet for the tour win?

  • Samuel G

    Hey Woody maybe fans wanting riders to win multiple tours back to back is one of the pressures that leads to the temptation to dope. These are professional athletes, not living gods, they can ride whichever races they like or their team management decide is best for the team no? Of course I would love to see Bradley win again but I don’t agree its dishonourable not to defend the title. LA defended it 6 times, that didn’t turn out so well.

  • nigel c

    its going to eb the tour of Tours next year, can’t wait twice up the Huez… i need EPO just thinking about it

  • Sam

    Woody, let’s face it, in the court of public opinion Sky and Wiggo are damned if they have Wiggo lead – ‘crushing and abusing poor Froomey again’ – and damned if they don’t ”how dare they dishonour the maillot jaune’. Sky want to win the Tour again, and if next year’s parcours suits Froome more and the Wiggo the Giro – which at first glance, seems to be the case – then Sky will go for that strategy.

    Personally I’m happy if I dont have to hear with moaning witterings of Froome’s girlfriend through the 3 weeks of the Tour

  • Woody

    Surley the honourable thing to do woud be to defend his Tour de France title?

  • honeymunster

    Getting excited already. Cant wait for next years tours!