The Dutch government is seeking an injunction to prevent planned route blockages from disrupting the Tour's opening stages

The Dutch government has taken to the courts in an effort to prevent police officers from protesting on the route of the Tour de France in a dispute over pay.

Reports emerged last week of the police’s intentions, which include riding on the route of the opening stage time trial and briefly stopping competitors on Rotterdam’s Erasmus bridge during Sunday’s stage two.

Confirming the proposed action last week, a union statement said: “The checks will stop when it’s clear from live broadcasts in several European countries that the Tour de France cyclists have stopped because police are taking action for better working conditions.”

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Now, however, Reuters reports that the Dutch government has applied for an injunction to prevent the protests.

“We are going to a judge to try to stop the plan,” Dutch Justice Ministry spokesman Jean Fransman said. “It’s not only about safety, but also about misuse of authority.”

The police are calling for a 3.3 per cent pay rise, higher overtime pay and a cash bonus for undergoing a reorganisation.

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