Lance Armstrong says he feels sorry for the fact that Chris Froome is subjected to doping allegations at the Tour de France

Upon touching down in France, Lance Armstrong has admitted that it’s his fault that Chris Froome is being subjected to the doping allegations that have plagued this Tour de France.

Speaking with Sky Sports News, Armstrong says he feels sorry that Froome is being grilled about the legitimacy of his performances – something that the Texan feels is not fair.

Team Sky claim Froome’s power data was hacked, with a video released earlier this week of his win on Mont Ventoux in 2013 with his wattage and heart rate overlaid.

“I know what that is like for a guy like Chris to be in the middle of the Tour, to deal with the constant questions, which of course he is, and to be fair and to be honest, a lot of that is my fault,” Armstrong said.

“A lot of people ask those questions, they see his style, they see his performance, they see the time gaps, they see the cadence and they think, ‘This guy is just another one of them’.

“I feel bad about that. Whoever is winning the Tour de France in 2015 should not be answering questions about someone who won it 10 or 15 years ago. That’s just not legitimate; that’s just not fair.”

It is claimed that Froome will undergo independent physiological testing after the Tour de France to discover what makes him the athlete he is. Sir Dave Brailsford said Sky have consulted their lawyers over the potentially hacked data.

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  • Buttergon

    Trust Armstrong to insert himself into the discussion. Because, to a rampant narcissist, it is always about him, right?

  • Allen Kemmett

    Theirs a long list of “Victims” that under pressure to perform did what it took. simple logic. your boss wants you to win because he wants to impress the big man upstairs.. made sure of it. todays age your either a puppet or a puppeteer.

  • Allen Kemmett

    Pantani took coke.. back in the good ‘ol days & he STILL has his name on a wall for the fastest TDF Alpe-Du-Huez Summit?
    Very very strange how our world works.

  • Ambientereal

    Certaily, you and PaulSMG seem to be tweens. As I said before “fine reasoning”

  • bobarsenault

    Indeed. I just watched the documentary on Lance: Stop at Nothing. And man, oh man, he really did stop at nothing. It was quite a sad tale of how someone can tell such a grandiose lie/lies for so long, and have the deepest conviction about it. I’ve seen other documentaries too. This one took the cake. I will now never believe anyone who says they are clean, in any level of professional sport. Just can’t do it. I’m an age group triathlete, having done Half & Full IM’s. And it is sad to see how predominate it is within the age group ranks (allegations – but I believe true). And it is without a doubt happening within the pro ranks in that sport too…no question.
    I agree with you…why listen to Lance. Move on. He’s already had the spot light. We can’t trust a word he says, unfortunately.

  • Mark Windsor

    Fair enough. Anyway, I think the point is that Lance should just butt out now and leave the pro cyclists of today to get on with it, whether they are clean or not. If he wants to do high profile charitable work, I’m sure there are more opportunities than riding the stages of the current TdF. If he wants to show any real contrition then he should zip it too!

  • bobarsenault

    Time indeed will tell. The whole children bit, does squat for me. Lance essentially said the same things. These guys have a lot at stake. Let’s see if he does make himself available for them. I’m not sure what they are, who will be doing them, how soon after the Tour, etc…sorry, I’m a skeptic. I was once a believer, but I now believe that it is impossible to ride on that level, day after day, without some enhancement from something. If it were, ‘finish whenever…’ then I say, no problem. It’s doable. 3 weeks of that suffer fest…with no assistance. Not a believer. :-((

  • Mark Windsor

    Time will tell, but I don’t think I’m a dreamer, I just have faith in human nature, and if people like Wiggins are prepared to say that they couldn’t look their children in the eye if they won by cheating, then they are putting a lot at stake. If Froome makes himself available for these tests and he’s proved to be clean, I still think you’ll say the same.

  • bobarsenault

    They never had anything tangible on Hincapie either, did they? He only came forward and admitted it because he was going under oath, right? He would have went to his death-bed never having admitted it. The same with many others who took an oath. That’s proof enough. You want me to believe a guy simply because he says he’s clean? Give me a fly’n, flipp’n break. That’s absurd. He’s on it…because he’s in the Tour. Period. End of Story. Sorry to burst your bubble Mark. I know you really want to believe. You really are one of the dreamers. But you’ll wake up to the reality one day, and you’ll see for yourself that they are all cheats. It’s just a matter of who is the best of the cheats.

  • Mark Windsor

    Well, there is a QUESTION isn’t there? He says he’s not and you say he is, so there are two answers too, aren’t there..? So, perhaps you could explain how you reached that conclusion and I don’t mean by quoting former riders like Anquetil, because they are not relevant to the race as it is today and they are not tangible. So what have you got Bob Arsenuts or whatever you’re called?

  • Bob Arsenault

    Yeah, I have lots of proof. They’re in the Tour. Nuf said. Like I mention below, you’re not winning the Tour drinking mineral water.

  • Ambientereal

    Fine reasoning indeed … “because Nairo is the best” … “Froome is a cheater too” and Nairo is no cheater? have you got any proof of it?

  • bobarsenault

    get over it. Froome is a cheater too.

  • bobarsenault

    Exactly right!!!!!

  • bobarsenault

    As the great Jacques Anquetil, who won the race five times in the years after the war once said, ‘You can’t win the Tour de France on mineral water.’ You know exactly what he means. It was the same then, it is the same today, and it will be the same tomorrow. It’s just a matter of whether or not they get caught. Period, end of story. When there are millions at stake. When fame is at stake. When livelihoods are at stake. When food on the table is at stake. It’s amazing what folks will succumb to. They are all on the stuff, or they wouldn’t be riding the Tour. Sorry, I’m not one of the dreamers. I’m dealing in reality.

  • bobarsenault

    People are concerned, because maybe because he’s on the juice. There’s no question Froome is on the stuff. NO QUESTION. Lance was pretty convincing too. Remember?

  • Ambientereal

    Froome is a late starter or at least a late starter in pro cycling . When he integrated in real pro cycling with most advanced training, then he certainly did a long step forward. But here the discussion is not about when who started but about a single performance in a climbing in the Pyrenees. The same discussion arouse in 2013 when he did the climbing of mount Ventoux. All discussion is about Watts of power delivered.

  • PaulSMG

    Because Nairo is the best at mountains and he has been the best since he was 20 and Froome did not win a single stage till he was 25/26 (apart from a semi – proffesional race in South Africa that does not even exist anymore) and then (suddenly) he became superman?

  • David Roberts

    Why do you bother to report what this scumbag says or does?

  • Johnseart

    It’s always possible Chris Froome doesn’t know he’s doping and LA did – hmmm managers have been known to do worse in the secret world of sport.

  • Henri van der Merwe

    I thought it quite big of him to blame himself. About as close as he will ever get to contrition. Imagine what people would say if LA actually told the truth: that Froome is under fire because cycling has ALWAYS lived with doping issues…

  • Henri van der Merwe

    To all who keep wanting to hold LA solely responsible for doping in cycling, do your homework, you are deluded. Merckx, Pantani, Virenque, Indurain etc etc. Yes, he was brash, greedy, a bully, and took doping to a level of ‘professionalism’ probably only rivalled by Conconi and Indurain with 5 wins. Luckily Indurain was a gentleman and could keep his mouth shut.
    Your anger is about that LA’s personality, and about bursting the bubble, not about him doping. In some ways, you are as guilty of omerta as LA is accused of enforcing: ie, dope as long as you are a gentleman.

  • Zero contrition. He still believes that he “won” those 7 Tours. The hubris is just astounding.

  • Mark Windsor

    Oh, it’s only old Lance! Remember him? Just in case you don’t, here he is with nothing to say, craving attention… As Simon (rightly) says, stop giving him a platform. This year we’ve had the Curse of the Maillot Jaune, Now it’s time for the Ghost of Tours Past!

  • simon

    Cw, please stop giving this cheat a platform …..’ ….to be honest……’ I am not sure he knows the meaning if the word

  • Triman666

    The questions are coming up because Froome literally rode away from the pack on a very difficult mountain stage. If you have the very best riders in the world and one athlete leaves them in his wake there are bound to be questions. As for Lance he competed against other athletes that doped just as much as he did and the races where won by narrow margins. Supposedly the peloton is clean, i suppose we will find out when its over and all the blood work is done.

  • Unfrickingbelievable

    While Lance is the main reason Froome is under fire, his comment is unbelievable. Truly NOT believable. Merely a veiled attempt at contrition.

  • Eric Prot

    … yawn…

  • Ambientereal

    If Nairo Quintana had finished at his wheel or in front of him, nobody will have spoken about doping. Why can´t Froome have a bit more than Nairo?

  • “…someone who won it 10 or 15 years ago.” BAHAHAHA. Someone who “won it”. Funny, I don’t see his name listed as the “winner” 10 or 15 years ago…or ever for that matter.