Tinkoff-Saxo's Peter Sagan tries to convince a group of sprinters to form a breakaway after competing for the intermediate sprint at the Tour de France

Peter Sagan is well known for enjoying himself on his bike, be it skids, wheelies or chuckling with his fellow riders at the Tour de France.

The Tinkoff-Saxo all-rounder contested the bunch sprint for the intermediate points on stage four which saw him and four other sprinters some distance up the road from the pack they’d just sped away from.

Instead of simply dropping anchor and waiting to be swallowed up by the bunch, like always happens, Sagan jested that the unlikely fivesome should put the hammer down and form a breakaway of their own.

Andre Greipel didn’t quite realise the joke straight away, looking back to the peloton and shaking his head to Sagan, while John Degenkolb chuckled away at the back.

Mark Cavendish, who won the sprint for the green jersey points, simply looked away to the side of the road, while Bryan Coquard nonchalantly pedalled on behind them all.

Mark Cavendish’s Tour de France bike



  • Jack Evans

    Mick Miller, sapping the joy from life.

  • Nigel Rue

    I think Liggett and Sherwen need to go back to primary school. 0.600 is six tenths of a second, not six hundred tenths, or six thousandths

  • Mick Miller

    he shook his head at the joke, not to form a breakaway. anyone who can go a bike or has half a clue would know how ridiculous the idea is. it’s not a british cycling crit with a load of numpties making up tactics with every pedal revolution.

  • Mick Miller

    think stuart clarke needs to stop writing up liggett nonsense as stories. none of those riders took that seriously and cavendish wasn’t even looking.

  • Aurelio

    The best thing about it was Greipel taking it seriouly for a second while Degenkolb was laughing behind Him.

  • Mike Williams

    The “gorilla” giving it some consideration was hysterical…and they say Germans have no sense of humor

  • 65juicer

    A wonderful moment, in the heat of battle.
    And, I must say, well picked up on by Liggett and Sherwen on live television commentary.