Europcar rider Kevin Reza scoops up a spectator's dropped camera, films himself riding along - and the camera is later returned to fan

Europcar rider Kevin Reza deftly scooped up a dropped spectator’s camera whilst riding in the Tour de France, and shot a film of himself.

The camera was knocked out of the fan’s hand whilst he was watching the stage, and Reza reached down and picked it up. The resulting footage shows Reza filming himself and team-mates, before passing the camera to the team car.

The story doesn’t end there, though, as the camera was returned to its rightful owner after his girlfriend got in touch with the Europcar team – with the footage still in the camera’s memory.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    At the FFC they start by teaching youngsters bike handling skills such as how to ride round cones, ride under a horizontal bar, and to pick up a casquette while riding. It looks like Reza got top marks as a kid. How he saw the camera in time to pick it up beats me!