Sergio Paulinho is the second Tinkoff-Saxo rider to be involved in a collision with a motorbike at the 2015 Vuelta a España

Sergio Paulinho (Tinkoff-Saxo) has been reportedly hospitalised after being knocked off his bike by a race motorbike on stage 11 of the Vuelta a España.

He is the second rider from the Russian team to abandon the race in an incident like this after Peter Sagan was injured on stage eight.

The news first came through when the team tweeted their disbelief that this had happened.

Before today’s Vuelta stage Tinkoff-Saxo released an open letter to the Vuelta’s organisers and the UCI over the Sagan moto collision, and today’s episode will only add to their campaign.

The letter stated five demands including a public apology and a charitable donation to the value of the prize money for the green jersey competition (which, presumably, Tinkoff-Saxo are thinking Sagan would definitely have won).

Team owner Oleg Tinkov was understandably upset by the occurrence, and expressed some conspiracy theories on who might be responsible.

This will surely warrant a response from the organiser and the UCI, and we await to see what approach they will take.

  • John Senior

    The issue is that cycling is bigger business than it’s ever been – when I was 13 you could only buy cycling weekly- it was only on tv for about 10 minutes a year – and we were like a secret society (early 70’s). Now I can watch ITV4, Eurosport and UCI TV for live racing and currently buy Procycling, Rouler, Peleton and Cycle Sport as monthly mags. – And that’s nothing compared to coverage in France, Netherlands and Belgium, Italy etc. Someone has to write reports, take photo’s and film – if they didn’t there’d be no revenue and not much pro -cycling – no point sponsoring a team if no one ever sees a jersey – but theres clearly competition for best images- to meet deadlines – to keep your job/contract /place in the pecking order.. Sooo….. seems like UCI/ASO etc are a bit slow in picking up on this and having a clear set of expectations of Motorbike pilots/ car drivers on tours/races and probably some kind of test put together by experienced and incident free veterans.
    No rider should have to worry about being hit by a car or motor bike – dangerous enough as it is.

  • Beniskly

    This invalidates the race. After stage 8, I stopped following the Vuelta. This race has been nullified as far as I am concerned. Would not be surprised if the riders just stopped the race.

  • RobTM

    They seem to be buzzing around the riders very close, passing close to. Sometimes it looks bizarre, 2 or 3 of the guys in yellow, over taking closely to rush up to the leaders in break on final climb. 1 you could understand.
    With chance events, you expect clusters.. watching the Vuelta it’d be kind of surprising if they don’t collide with cyclists, when you watch the aggressive motor cycle riding. I did notice use of horns now, when they’re passing which didn’t seem to be the case before downing Sagan.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    It seems to me the actual riders have become ‘secondary’. Thinking of Chas Messenger’s “Cycling’s Circus”. There should be a protest tomorrow, and a mass withdrawal if it happens again. There is a real safety issue here.

  • what the… How come this didn’t happen in the past? At least not so much, compared to this season… makes you wonder what changed. I don’t feel like there’s more motorbikes compared to previous years I’ve watched vuelta/tour.

  • Edward Hutton

    about time to get this type of thing stopped at the moment cycling and athletics are as bent as a dogs hind leg ( SHAME )