Sir Bradley Wiggins has been honoured with a commemorative blue plaque at Paddington Recreation Ground in London, where the Tour de France and Olympic champion learned to ride a bike.

The plaque was unveiled on Monday on the wall of the park’s pavillion building. It joins a plaque dedicated to Sir Roger Bannister, who trained on the park’s running track ahead of becoming the first man to run a four-minute mile.

Wiggins’ grandmother Maureen Cousins attended the unveiling ceremony alongside Councillor Jan Prendergast, Westminster ward councillor for Maida Vale.

Prendergast said: “It is incredible to think that the young boy who used to come down to Paddington Rec with his bicycle has become arguably the best cyclist in the world and a national treasure, taking Tour de France and Olympic glory in his stride last year.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to unveil this plaque and I’m very happy for his family too, who still live in the area and I know are very proud of what he has achieved.”

Blue plaques can be found all over the UK on buildings and locations with a direct link to a notable event or person.

Wiggins’ plaque reads: “Sir Bradley Wiggins CBE enjoyed the facilities at Paddington Recreation Ground and lived close to the site attending nearby St Augustine’s CE High School. Sir Bradley became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France and is the only cyclist to have won the Tour de France and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.”

  • Philip Livingstone

    Somebody’s not riding with a fixed wheel here ’cause there some serious backpedalling going on!
    Starting a debate? Yeah, sure you were – you were also “greating a rare debate” going on the news of Bradley’s silver in the worlds TT, the preview the the worlds road race and it’s aftermath.
    You’re nothing more than a troll hiding behind a pseudonym who has no idea of the amount of dedication required to be a cyclist of Bradley’s standing when you damn him with faint praise like that.

  • gg/gg

    I’ve achieved what I intended; that is to get an all to rare debate going on Cycle Weekly blog site. Yes Wiggo is a good cyclist (but not so classy except as a TT’er) but not waterproof; good luck to him on the track at his age.

  • Ian Franklin

    I would be far more impressed if the toffs of Paddington council reopened the velodrome that they so brutally destroyed a good few years back.

  • Philip Livingstone

    teddy, i’m with you 100% – gg/gg has been getting on my nerves!! Obviously a Froome fan but i wish he’d give us all a break. There are those of us who know what a great athlete Bradley is as his palmares clearly shows.
    A richly deserved honour and a sign of how much cycling is being recognised these days which we should be grateful for, years ago any cyclist wouldn’t have got any recognition whatsoever.

  • Leigh

    teddy – it’s amazing isn’t it?!! It doesn’t take too long for the backlash does it? As a person I think he’s fascinating, don’t always agree with what he says, but most of the time he talks sense. If he was a bland Gary Lineker/Michael Owen type, they’d slate him, can’t win!

    As a cyclist and athlete, he’s incredible. Just because he might have had off days, or bad luck, who doesn’t? For me, all the things he’s achieved outweigh any rubbish the naysayers bang on about. It’s easy for them to forget that he’s won a hell of a lot more than just the Tour, which is monumental itself.

  • Myers

    @gg/gg I notice you give no suggestions as to who the more deserving cases are! But I suspect in your “little world” you are confident you will not be challenged to back up your assertions.

  • Neil

    You can’t underestimate what Bradley has achieved on a bike however it used to be that in order to have a blue plaque you had to be dead for a minimum of 25 years I think – did I dose off during the world champs and miss something?

  • Simon Wood

    I wonder where they’ll put Froome’s blue plaque?

  • stepho

    His achievements last year were pioneering and unprecedented, I think that he does deserve it. Who else do you think could also be similarly honoured?

  • mchthag

    Is it waterproof?

  • jimster

    Delighted Brad has been honored this way, the John Lydon of cycling, not everyones cup of tea, let his palmares reflect his achievements, lets see his critics results? MMM nada!!!! You aint seen the last of him!

  • teddy

    f@$K me…..
    gg/gg -see you have jumped on the standard British response that as soon as someone is sucessfull you slate them and pick any fault. Whatever you think of Wiggins as a person, as a cyclist he has achieved a hell of a lot – the results speak for themselves, and he is only trying to be the best cyclist/athlete he can… not a celeb or someone else you probably think is more deserving because they have a better media profile etc. Name another British cyclist who has better results… or you think is more deserving…
    ps. im no SKY or particular top Wiggins fan.

  • Ken Evans

    I am sure this would have given his father Gary (“The Doc”) a big laugh !

  • gg/gg

    There are more deserving athletes/people out there who deserve one more. He’ll need a joiner to widen his door at home