Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins was in Manchester on Thursday evening (Oct 25) to officially launch ‘The Bike Rooms’ concept store on Deansgate which starts trading today.

Wiggins cut the yellow ribbon in front of gathered guests to open the store on Manchester’s prestigious Deansgate in the heart of the city. Guests included cycling stars from the past and present – Matt Stephens, Rob Hayles, Adrian Timmis, Malc Elliott, Shane Sutton, Barry Hoban, Martyn Ashton & Blake Samson(Animal Bike Tour), Lucy Garner, Les West, Mandy Jones and Andy Magnier amongst others.

Phil Griffiths of Yellow Limited is the man behind the store which will sell and showcase Assos, Corima, Pinarello, Giordana and Rudy Project product ranges. It is the second store in the country with the first having opened in July in the Westfield Centre in London by the Olympic Park prior to the games getting underway.

It was fitting that Wiggins was on hand to open the store having won the Tour on a Pinarello with Team Sky. Pinarello’s export manager Luciano Fusar-Poli was also present having flown in from Italy to mark the occasion.

Swiss Assos founder, Toni Maier was there with his daughter Desi as it was he who originally helped Griffiths in to the cycling business back in 1984. The pair teamed up to distribute Assos clothing in the UK and so, Yellow Ltd was born. The company has since grown from a one brand operation with Assos to be a multiple distributor of several other quality cycling brands that include Pinarello, Corima, Giordana and Rudy Project.

The Bike Rooms store is open from today 26th Oct and can be found at 274 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4JB tel: 0161 8708195 Store manager Marc Theunissen.

Tour winner Bradley Wiggins with Phil Griffiths and Martyn Ashton of ‘The Bike Party’ video which has had over 5.5 million hits

Wiggins & Ashton

Assos display cabinet

Two Champions – Bradley Wiggins with Lucy Garner the Junior World Road Champion

Assos clothing

Timmis, Elliott & Sutton with Griffiths and Toni Maier of Assos. The old team mates rode the Tour back in 1987 when Assos was a co-sponsor of the ANC team

Phil Griffiths, Toni Maier and Phil’s son Kevin Griffiths

Bradley Wiggins with Pinarello’s export manager Luciano Fusar-Poli

Yellow jersey signed by Wiggins

Andy Gilbert of Node 4 with Bradley Wiggins

Andy Gilbert of Node4 presents Lucy Garner with champagne

Wiggins cuts ribbon to officially mark the Manchester shop launch

About to cut ribbon as the Yellow team look on.

Barry Hoban with Wiggins  Maier with Andy Gilbert of Node4

Hayles and Wiggins chat

Wiggins arrives as store manager Marc Theunissen looks on


Shop interior in basement

Shop interior. Stairs to basement displays

Dogma 65.1

Shop window display

Retro Pinarello

  • Louis Molloy

    I can’t afford lots of things in life but if I really want something then I save up for it. Its true when they say that you get what you pay for and its the reason why I wear Assos and the service at the bike rooms is fantastic. As for riding a Pinarello? Its FLANDRIA for me every time ha ha

  • Julie

    The reason Yellow Ltd has been so successful is because they focus on the best brands. Phil Griffiths has supported cycling for many years through fantastic, generous sponsorship deals and makes these brands what they are today in the UK. The exclusive showcasing of these brands is well overdue – I can’t wait to visit. I still ride my 2000 pinarello, which still turns heads, and wear assos kit I had from Phil 15 years ago and it still looks fantastic. I will always support Yellow’s chosen brands just because of what they put in to the sport. Great products that stand the test of time both practically and stylishly.

  • Vince

    Echoing a couple of comments above……….I bought a bike (cheap end, if there is such a thing) at their Stratford London shop last September (think its closed now; may have only been there for the Olympics) and the standard of service was nothing short of excellent. Took best part of two hours to fit me out for a bike including lengthy test ride. Counter that with the completely shoddy, indifferent and downright rude service I have had at a number of Evans Cycles stores.

  • Roy

    I think this is great. I earn less than 15k but I own a pinarello mainly because I really wanted one and bought it!!! They are really great bikes that are more affordable than people make out. I wish there was a store in Norfolk that I could drool over a Dogma (like a years salary!). I will say some bike shops are snobby but its good to hear places like this are not.
    Pinarello are great!!!

  • JoshBrownsell

    Recently visited the shop with my Dad who also just added a comment, and I really did fall in love with the shop! (and the bikes!) Such beautiful and stylish bikes, I imagine amazing to ride, and am now torn between saving up for one of these pinarellos or a Jan Janssen Sonic! As I am 13 years old it will take a lot of saving but worth every penny!

  • KevBrownsell

    I agree with Colin, fantastic bikes and really nice staff. As I ride a Giant TCR composite 2 and had to save up hard for this bike, i would definately save for one of these bikes (Pinarello) because they are so stylish and impressive. Just ordered the wife a Bianchi and son rides a Trek, but he fell in love with this shop and their bikes. Well done Pinarello

  • Colin Ogdon

    A beautiful new shop with some stunning bikes and nice clothes and so many people complaining. I dont expect to be able to afford everything. This stuff is great – hand made italian bikes? Wheres the problem?? Why make bad of something positive. I ride past this place every night and look in through the window at the cool stuff. Jeez I dont even earn 20k, but I know if I wanted, I could work to afford a super bike… They wouldnt be super if they were run of the mill.

  • James

    There’s a difference between shopping for a Volkswagen polo and a Bentley continental. if you want to buy a high end road bike then shop with these guys however if you want something average then shop average. i bet some of the bad comments are those courier guys that have no money and torn clothing but some how manage to own a Mac to post negative comments about a shop providing nothing but quality

  • Bill

    Wow. Some of you guys talking about snobbery etc are so uneducated. This is the way a lot of bike shops are heading these days. If you went in to places such as Sigma Sport in Hampton you would realise this. These guys sell some of the best cycling products you can buy, so of course it will be expensive! P.S Italo-China rip-off? Pinarello bikes are hand-made in Italy…just saying.

  • Judith Baxendale

    Fantastic shop, Fantastic Clothing, Fantastic Staff, Very Helpful! You get what you pay for Assos is the best Clothing! Purchased Brill Winter Top! Cheers x

  • Donkador

    I agree with Ladycyclist nice staff who made you feel welcome, great products, something for everyone take it from me Iam a humble truck driver on a average wage. The place isnt half as intimidating as some LBC’s I have been in lately, no funny looks as if youve walked into the wrong shop. Will visit again soon and order my new stead for next season.

  • Neil

    Not owning a quality product like Pinarello because you don’t want to be seen as a snob or a ‘prawn sandwich eater’ is a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    It’s like me not riding my Trek madone because I may be seen as a doper because Armstrong rode one.


  • George

    Seems these days you need more fancy ribbon to sell a bike, maybe because they do not actually want you to look too closely at the product!

    You might actually see what it is… 21st Century – Italo-China rip off!

  • Dan

    As per William and Chris’ comments, a shop like this might actually put me off Pinarello, just because I don’t want to be seen as one of the Prawn sandwich brigade… I’ll have a look and drool though.

  • LadyCyclist

    Bit harsh…I went in & the staff were lovely, great range of Assos and lots of lovely bikes to drool over! Think most people forget Pinarellos start at £799….I’d say that is a bargain wouldn’t you?!

  • Chris

    Prawn sandwich in the box at the footy on Saturday and a spin around Cheshire on Sunday with the new Dogma. Not quite the Halfords most of us are limited to.

  • ricky parrish

    i went in there today. real sexy shop. nothing in my price budget though 🙁

  • William Hirst

    I’d imagine the only people who could afford to shop there are bankers, premiership footballers, TV evangelists and Alan Sugar.

  • sheldon

    No bargains to be had in that shop I bet!!!!!

  • Andy

    So – the sort of shop that will encourage impoverished youngsters into the sport, then…