A great rear light to keep you safe after dark

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Knog Blinder R70


  • Bright
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy to charge
  • Good battery life
  • Will fit an aero seatpost


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Knog Blinder R70 rear light


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If you’re after the best rear light on the market, then the Knog Blinder R70 is probably it. This light includes everything you’d want from a good rear light and will certainly make sure that you’re safe and seen when riding after dark.

With a claimed brightness of 70 lumens from its four LED lights, the Knog Blinder R70 is one of the very brightest rear lights on the market, not running too far behind the highly popular (and much more expensive) Exposure Blaze. This means that it is easily visible from far away even during the day, and the clear material down the sides means that you’ll also be seen by cars pulling out of side junctions.

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As you’d expect for a rear light costing only a little under 50 quid, the Knog Blinder R70 is not short on different modes. In fact there are no fewer than five to get your head around: two constant, and three flashing.

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This range of modes means that there’s also a wide range of run times. On it’s brightest steady mode, the Knog Blinder R70 will only run for 3.5 hours, while the fastest flashing mode will only last for half an hour more. However if you’re looking to get a little more distance out of your light, then the eco-flash mode will last for 20 hours, and when it’s running out of juice there’s a low battery indicator too.

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The Knog Blinder R70 comes with an integrated USB plug which means that you can recharge it without the need for wires. However this can be a little awkward due to the shape of the light, but there’s also a USB extension cable supplied to make things a little easier.

Like most good rear lights, the Knog Blinder R70 attaches without the need for tools, using a silicon strap that you simply hook round your seatpost that is secure and keep the light firmly in position. As an added bonus, the light comes with interchangeable straps of different lengths meaning you can use it on bikes with an aero seatpost.

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Finally, the Knog Blinder R70 comes in a choice of three colours (red, grey, silver, and red) so should be easy to match to your bike, even if it’s dark.

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The Knog Blinder R70 is a simply brilliant rear light. It's bright, easy to charge, has different modes, and good battery life. It's hard to imagine anything better.


Modes:5 (Steady, Fast, Chaser, Peloton, Eco-Flash)
Brightness:70 lumens
Battery Life:3.5 - 20 hours
Charge Time:4-5 hours