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  • Good support in different positions


  • May not suit everyone's posterior


Fizik Arione R3 £130


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This product is featured in: 7 of the best performance saddles.

The Arione range is well known in cycling circles as a modern classic.

This new R3 edition saves weight with a fibreglass thermoplastic shell. The reduction in weight marries with a reduction in padding too, so users of the original Arione may notice the firmer ride.

Support, however, is top notch. Designed for ‘snakes’, that’s Fizik’s word for skinny, slippery racer types, the saddle was perfect for just that.

The long wide nose and overall flat profile of the saddle helps support you in as many different positions as you fancy adopting.



Bigger riders might prefer the slightly plusher original Arione model, but for anyone else, this is essentially an improved classic model.

  • Arthur Hood

    Lovely looking saddle, and light… but they’re not kidding about the firmer ride! I had the original Arione saddle which is like sitting on a sofa compared to the R3 which in comparison is a smooth rock. My bottom is not pleased!