The man who was fined by Surrey Police on Thursday for riding along the M25 had already been escorted off the motorway that day

As if being escorted off a motorway once in one day wasn’t enough, a cyclist then returned to the M25 a short time after being told it was a little dangerous.

We featured the story of the man on Thursday who was given an on-the-spot fine by Surrey Police, but it turns out that was the second time in a number of hours that he had been stopped.

The video above shows the chap riding THE WRONG WAY down the hard shoulder of the motorway between junctions 11 and 13 anticlockwise before being escorted to safety by an officer from Highways England.

After making his way down the slip road – stopping at a green light and forcing a van to swerve out the way – he was then captured again between junctions 13 and 14 trying to get to Heathrow.

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Quoted in the West Sussex County Times, the responding officer PC Tom Richardson said: “As well as cycling along an extremely busy motorway during the rush hour traffic the cyclist would have also crossed motorway slip roads so it is extremely fortunate that there was not a more serious outcome to his trip.

“The act of cycling on the motorway hard shoulder is clearly reckless and dangerous and the man not only put his own life at risk but other road users too. A cyclist coming towards you on your morning commute on the M25 would be completely unexpected and could cause alarm – another example as to why motorists should remain alert and vigilant at all times.”

“If we get reports of people cycling on motorway we will intervene and further action may be taken.”

  • Babs Bukunola

    Your chronology is wrong re UK / Holland’s approach to cars V bikes. Chris Boardman gave an excellent education on the subject in a documentary on a rest day in last year’s TDF . The dutch city that kickstarted things politically I think began with A. At the time – I think it was the 80s – it was as petrol (if not more so) dominated as any in the UK.

  • Alex

    But was he wearing a helmet?

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    Mr Kerry. . .you really aren’t a very nice guy are you. Angry and clearly not very bright. Comments on Cav – disrespectful and ignorant and now you wish harm on some miscreant (look it up) who possibly needs help . . . Your solution. Run him over. Win everything and never do anything wrong do you?

  • Mark B

    Yes – for not providing bicycle infrastructure.

  • Mark B

    Why? Is it an insult to car drivers?

  • Mark B

    Why? I’ve cycled down a US freeway before and it’s safer than riding on regular streets.

  • EB

    I agree. I am used to cycling in Holland. There major roads have equivalent cyclepath and you can go between cities easily. London to Oxford is not much more than 50 miles; if it was In Holland you could get up early and visit for the day before cycling back that evening. Here you’d have to cycle an extra 25% each way and risk getting lost because of all the turns, not to mention the irate drivers who would want you of “their” roads. Even Brighton isn’t much more, so pretty normal Londoners should be able to spontaneously cycle to the beach on a sunny day. Even Cambridge is doable.

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    Tony isn’t that bad

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    Anyone who makes comments like yours needs to be stabbed in the face with a blunt knife to learn a lesson.

    See how that works?

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    It’s clowns like this that give the rest of us a bad name

  • Why?

    How about – Can somebody please put in place proper cycle infrastructure to safely ride to Heathrow Airport?

    Bikesy co uk

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    Can somebody please knock this cyclist off his bike

  • David Kerry

    This idiot needs to be knocked off his bike to deserve a lesson!!

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    Sounds like it was Richard Cranium!!