As part of the 2017 Cycling Weekly Bike of the Year awards, we’ve been looking out for the best endurance bike on the market, something that is ideally suited for making those long days in the saddle just that little bit easier.

However we’re not just looking for the most comfortable bike that money can buy, but something that is still fun to ride and also able to cope when it’s time to put the hammer down.

Winner: Specialized Roubaix Expert



Our Endurance Bike of the Year for 2017 is the Specialized Roubaix Expert.

The Specialized Roubaix comes with front suspension technology that might be easy to dismiss as a gimmick, but really isn’t.

The suspension built into the steerer tube does a great job of improving comfort on really rough surfaces, and also helps to improve handling, as the tyre spends more time in contact with the tarmac around bumpy surfaces.

It also doesn’t impede your sprinting and climbing even as you pull up and down on the bars when out of the saddle, and the bike’s weight is impressive for an endurance bike too.

Runner Up: Merida Scultura Disc 6000

merida scultura disc 6000 endurance bike of the year

It may not sit at the top of the Scultura line, but the Scultura Disc 6000 manages to deliver all-day comfort that can still manage to excite.

The comfort is delivered through a clever carbon lay-up rather than revolutionary technology, while descending is surprisingly thrilling considering the fairly relaxed geometry with excellent handling and great braking thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes.

Thanks to Volta Pro Tours and Daniela Reis for their help with filming. If you’d like to know more about our filming trip in Portugal and find out how you can ride in these spectacular locations, read the behind the scenes look at our shoot.