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Name: Ross Edgar

Age: 25

From: Newmarket, Suffolk

Disciplines: Track (team sprint and keirin)

Career synopsis: Ross started his career as a senior with the GB team and has been a successful member of the squad. Starting at the World Cycling School in Switzerland, Edgar has since moved to Manchester permanently and his long-term aspiration is to win a gold medal in Beijing.

Titles held: 2004 European U23 Champion sprint; 2006 Commonwealth Champion team sprint

Two things you didn?t know about… Of his two disciplines, Ross prefers the keirin and has reached speeds of up to 80km/h in training. Edgar started his training as a senior rider at the UCI’s sprint school in Aigle, along with Victoria Pendleton.


Are any of your family going to Beijing?

There is big issue with the tickets but mum says she has managed to find some. They have had massive worries over it but my parents are certainly going out. I think my brother and sister are going, and my mate from Newmarket is coming out as well.

Have you ever been to China before?

We were in China for the World Cup earlier this year. The track is different to Manchester ? the corners are tighter and the straights are longer. You have to work the straights really hard. The surface is fast but it can be hard work building up speed from the black line. I didn?t notice the air quality.

It is certainly very different to Britain: it?s very populated but the people are very nice. You can?t drink the tap water. I think it is going to be a very good Olympics.

Which Olympian would you most like to meet?

I have met Michael Johnson and Linford Christie, which was nice.

What is your favourite non-cycling Olympic event?

Probably the 100 metres. It?s all the drama that goes with it: it?s the most similar thing to what we do.

What is your first Olympic memory?

I was never a sports fan. I enjoy doing sports but not watching them. The first time I watched the Olympics was 2000, seeing Jason Queally winning his gold medal in the kilometre.

Any tips for coping with jetlag?

If you don?t sleep on the plane you definitely feel worse. You need to get sleep when you can. You get over it in a couple of days normally.

How do you cope with all the hanging around?

That?s all we ever do. As a sprinter, [in training] we do four efforts in three hours. There is a lot of hanging around, so we have a bit of banter.

Any plans for time off after the games?

I would love to go on holiday but the first World Cup is in Manchester four weeks after, so it will be a short break and then back on it again.

How is your form at the moment?

I?m going to try and carry on the form that I have got now and make next year a big year for me. I want to be World champion and I think that is the best way to do it. Since the Worlds I have addressed a few things that I needed to do and now I am going better than ever. I am exactly where I want to be.