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Name: Shanaze Reade

Age: 19

From: Crewe

Disciplines: BMX and track sprint

Career synopsis: Reade?s passion is for BMX, lasting from when she was a child. Shanaze then made headlines when, with only six weeks? training in her legs, she accompanied Pendleton to the World title in the team sprint in 2007 on the track. Still only a teenager, Reade has years of World and Olympic medal-winning opportunities ahead of her and is unique in being able to combine BMX and track riding.

Titles held: 2008 World Champion Team Sprint; 2007 World Champion Team Sprint; 2006, 2007, 2008 World Champion BMX

Two things you didn?t know about… Her local police station helped raise funds for her first trip to the junior world championships and if she wins at the Olympics, she plans to get a tattoo of the Olympic rings on her wrist. (And a free BMW M3 from a local garage.)

shanaze reade olympics 2008MINI INTERVIEW: SHANAZE READE

Have you been to China before?

This will be my third time. I have been there for a test event and for the recent World championships.

China is like a completely different world. As soon as you step off that plane, it?s as if you have landed on Mars or something. It is different from anything I have ever experienced. The pollution is a factor for many ? at the World champs it was terrible; sore eyes, bad chest, but it?s the same for everyone so you have just got to get on with it.

Are your family going out to watch?

No. Not one member of the family is going to Beijing. It?s just so expensive to get tickets and we can?t even get hold of tickets to watch my event.

Have you got any tips on how to cope with the jet lag?

No I haven?t. I?m really good with it. The only time I have really suffered with it, strangely, was when I went to Canada, but I had a terrible flight ? so many stoppages and changes. I only flew out 4 days before the worlds and it will be the same for the Olympics, and that is fine.

What about all the hanging around and waiting?

I hate it ? that?s why I am only going over four days before. I like to go in, get a job done and get out. I hate sitting there, because so many thoughts come into your head that you don?t need to be thinking about. I hate hanging around.

Will you be taking a break after the games?

It depends on the result. If I win I would like to spend some time with the media and do all that kind of thing. If I don?t, then I don?t really know, but I can accept it if I don?t get the result ? you can?t win every race.

I would like to go out to Poland for the European under-23 track championships with Anna Blyth and see how close we can get to the world record that me and Victoria [Pendleton] set in the team sprint.

I would also like to do my first event in the keirin and the sprint which I have never done before, to see what I can do.

But if I win the Olympic gold medal, I don?t really know what I am going to do afterwards. I will breath a big sigh of relief, whatever happens!

Which other event would you most like to go and watch?

The 100m sprint or the pole vault.

Which other Olympian past or present would you most like to meet?

I?ve met her ? Kelly Holmes. She was so much more down to earth than I expected. A really nice person.

What are your first Olympic memories?

I have never watched an Olympic games. I did watch one event and that was the 100m, because it happened to be on TV. I guess it is a bit strange that I am going to the Olympics but have never watched them.