Track cyclists attempt a penalty shootout on FIFA 16 and it’s a shambles (video)

Track cyclists Shanaze Reade and Rachel James miss eight of the nine penalties taken in their England v Wales showdown on FIFA 16

With a crunch match between England and Wales coming up this week at Euro 2016, British Cycling pitted riders from the two nations against each other in a series of tasks.

Some of them went well, but one of them was a bit of a shambles. In fact the penalty shootout on FIFA 16 between England’s Shanaze Reade and Wales’s Rachel James descended into a farce with only one of the spot kicks hitting the old onion bag.

James started as she meant to go on by screaming the first penalty well over the bar, to which Reade replied with an actual goal.

That successful attempt seemed to be a complete fluke when judged against the other kicks in the game, with each of them missing the target by at least six feet.

While the game on Thursday afternoon cannot reach a penalty shootout, the whole scenario is all too close to home for England fans.

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