Gravel Triathlon: your questions answered

What are gravel triathlons, what do you need to compete and where can you find one

A gravel triathlon
(Image credit: SGRAIL 100)

Gravel racing is a relative newcomer to cycling sports yet it's a trend with some serious popularity and staying power. Especially in the U.S. market, gravel bikes are outselling road bikes and events like the Belgian Waffle Ride series and Unbound Gravel sell out at thousands of competitors. It's the biggest growing segment in cycling, and it was only a matter of time until the multisport sector got involved.

A hybrid of multisport and gravel racing, gravel triathlons take place on unpaved roads, allows competitors to use drop-bar gravel bikes and permits drafting. The run segment of many races is also off-road. Still in a nascent phase, there are no set distances for gravel triathlon, but many are sprint- or Olympic distance events popping up all over the world. 

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Greg has been on and around bikes since his early teens. He got his start when tubulars and freewheels were still a thing, while working at local bike shops, and dabbling in the Philadelphia racing scene. Greg still geeks-out on bikes, cycling gear, apparel, and accessories as much now, as when he first discovered the sport. Greg has been on staff at VeloNews and Bicycling, and also was a contributor at