Best child bike trailers: what to look for and recommended products

Looking for a child trailer? Here's some of the best options

If you have more than one child, extra luggage or just want an alternative to a child bike seat, then a bike trailers could be for you.

Child bike trailers are extremely versatile, with some having the capacity for two children along with storage room at the back.

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Trailers come in various sizes and the majority will attach near your rear wheel dropout, via a pivot bracket threaded on to your skewer. This bracket allows the trailer to snake behind the bike, much like a lorry trailer, so corners can be easily navigated with a little extra swinging room.

Most, if not all bikes, will accommodate towing a trailer, although with the extra weight and drag it’s worth investing in some slightly larger sprockets to ensure your legs can cope.

Depending on what model you opt for, many easily convert in to a push buggy, which thanks to its extra big wheels can be an ideal running buggy if the riding wasn’t enough, with some brands also converting to ski options too!

As with bike seats, it’s recommended that a child is able to sit unaided before using a trailer, but the upper age limit variable, up to around 45/50kg making it a really versatile and usable piece of kit.

The downside to trailers is that as well as being much more expensive than a bike seat you are much more removed from your passengers, making communication difficult, as well as them being much lower to the ground. Most trailers will come with mesh front and a clear plastic window should it rain, but it’s a good idea to fit full length mud guards to limit any road spray on the trailer and it’s occupants.

Our Pick of the best bike trailers

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Burley Cub Trailer £725

Burley Cub Trailer child bike seat child trailer

The Burley Cub Trailer offers three things in one.

Rugged enough for heavy duty and harsh conditions, the Burley Cub trailer even comes with its own adjustable suspension to cushion the ride for the passengers. Suitable for up to two children with storage, the cushioned seat reclines and the outer offers full water protection. The best thing about the Cub trailers is it’s ability to convert in to a stroller, running buggy or sledge!

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Halfords Double Buggy Child bike trailer £110

Halfords double buggy child bike trailer child bike seat child trailer

Halfords double buggy child bike trailer attaches swiftly to any bike.

Offering space for two children, up to 20kg each, the Halfords double buggy child bike trailer is one of the more affordable trailer options. Swift to attach to any bike, the trailer requires no tools in it’s assembly and folds down neatly after use. A bug screen provides good shade in sunny weather while a rain screen should keep out the wetter conditions.

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Thule Chariot Lite £624.99

Thule Chariot Lite child bike seat child trailer

The Thule Chariot Lite has extra long life usability thanks to an infant sling.

Another multi service trailer, the Thule Chariot Lite can be turned in to stroller, jogging buggy, ski sledge and of course a bike trailer. Designed for one child, the Chariote Lite weighs less than 12kg and is suitable for a child from one month old thanks to an infant sling (an optional extra). It takes up to 34kg, giving it a super long life span and making it excellent value for money.

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Weehoo iGo Two bike Trailer £499.00

Weehoo iGo

The Weehoo IGo Two bike trailer allows the first passenger to pedal too.

Buy now at Amazon for £499

An alternative option to the standard trailer set up as the Weehoo trailer system attaches to your seat tube (although this does mean you will need a round seat tube for the mount to attach). The seated trailer is a mix between a traditional bike seat and trailer, with the added benifit of it being all terrain and lighter, with a child pedaling option included. There are several of iGo’s to choose from, ranging from one to two passengers, or passenger with cargo, and multiple accessories to ensure the perfect ride for you all.