Best of the rest day tweets: Van der Poel starts a culinary war, riders top up their tans, and EOLO have a dance

We will make it through today, I promise

Rest day tweets
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Here we are again, a Monday lull. The riders have stepped off their bikes for the day, and we have been forced to switch off Eurosport. Fortunately, there is actually cycling today - Ellen van Dijk goes for the women's Hour Record in a few hours - but until then, here are some posts to keep you going.

While it might be a rest day for the protagonists of this Giro d'Italia, it certainly isn't a day off for the team staff around them - spare a thought for the mechanics on a day like today.

Not satisfied with a stage win and a spell in the pink jersey, Mathieu van der Poel has decided to start a culinary war to occupy himself on Monday, while others are chilling in much more standard ways.

Sit back, relax, and have a scroll through some incredible* social media posts.

* might not actually all be incredible

1. Don't Ineos Grenadiers look happy on the final rest day. They have reason to be too, with Richard Carapaz in the pink jersey, although he has declined to wear it today...

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2. Similarly, DSM all look very happy on their ride around Lake Garda, what a spot to have a day off in

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3. Tobias Ludvigsson is attempting to get rid of his cyclist tan lines today, sporting the sleeveless Groupama jersey

4. Look, I can't say I'm particularly wowed by this video of Fabio Felline grabbing a bidon, but maybe that's exactly what gets you going

5. Onto the big one. Mathieu van der Poel horrifies/cheers the world by revealing he likes pineapple on pizza. He truly will never get a match on Hinge with outrageous opinions like that

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6. Alessandro de Marchi immediately warns the Dutch superstar, what has he let himself in for? More as we get it

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7. Doesn't Mark Cavendish look happy to be having a coffee with his mate Bert Van Lerberghe. He might not be as happy by the time all this week's climbing is over

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8. It's Lorenzo Rota's birthday! Happy birthday Lorenzo, who turns 27 today. He finished on the stage to Genova the other day, sadly missing out on the perfect present to himself. Maybe he'll get another go tomorrow, if he survives his birthday bumps

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9. Two EOLO-Kometa riders have done a dance thing and I have no idea what is going on, to be honest

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10. I wish I was as relaxed as Lawson Craddock is in this photo, rather than being slightly anxious writing about social media posts. He looks chilled though, hope he's ready for the Alps

11. Finally, what does João Almeida get in his box of underwear? The mind boggles

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