Cali Track World Cup round in danger of cancellation?

A reported 300 million peso (120,000 pounds) shortfall could see the track World Cup in Cali face cancellation.

Cali is one of the events with points on offer for the Olympic qualification. It is due to take place from December 16th – 18th.

According to reports in the South American media, the Cali World Cup has received half the money they needed from the local government, but the organisers have yet to find the remainder to ensure the three-day event will go ahead.

Organisers have planned emergency meetings on Monday with the Colombian government to try and ensure the event is sufficently funded.

The Colombian cycling Federation president Jorge Ovidio was quoted as saying in Spanish American newspaper El Tiempo that if Cali didn’t go ahead, they would have to pay a fine to the UCI as well as risk losing credibility for the country’s bid to host the World Road Championships in 2015.

“This is Colombia’s most important event, and the best riders in the world come here looking for Olympic classification. The town hall, regional government and the nation itself should help us.”

Reacting to the news of the potential cancellation, British track coach Dan Hunt pointed out that the Cali round involved a lot of travelling.

“Look at the rounds this year: Melbourne, Columbia, China and just the Manchester round in Europe. It’s very tough for a lot of the smaller teams.”

”Cali’s one of those trips and it’s a long way to go. We’ll have half the team in Melbourne before and the rest in the UK. That’s a lot of travelling.”