Cycling in my city: Birmingham

John Bennet from Push Bikes tells CW how Birmingham has increased its cycling investment from £250,000 to £12 million

Cycling in Birmingham is buzzing, with many more commuters and local cyclists than 
last year; the momentum is very noticeable, reflecting trends elsewhere in the UK.

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Our £17 million government Cycle City Ambition Grant (CCAG) was backed by a further £7 million from the City Council, so for the next two years 
the annual investment in Birmingham will go up from £250,000 to a 
staggering £12 million!

City politicians are recognising how cycling can bring benefits to the prosperity and local economy 
by reducing congestion and improving health. We now have a cabinet 
member who is our Cycling Champion, while the council recently published its long-term Mobility Plan, which 
concentrates on 
making local journeys less dependent on 
private cars and 
encourages sustainable forms of transport.

Cycling clubs and 
informal groups are 
growing in numbers, from Push Bikes’ weekly rides ( to women-only cycling groups and several 
well-established and prospering clubs, while the council sponsors 
leisure rides, adult and school 
cycle training.

Of course, as committed cyclists we all want more, we want it quicker, and we want it better. Debates rage on the Birmingham Cyclist site (www.birmingham and at monthly pub socials as well as the council’s 
quarterly Cyclists’ Forum.

Birmingham has been a car-dominated city; there’s hope that it’s at the beginning of a new cycling revolution.

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