Dr Hutch: Folding bike riders know it's about the size of the watts, not the wheels

Riding a folding bike marks you out as a crank, especially with the addition of a monocle and dinner jacket, recalls the Doc

Male cyclist holding a folding bike.
(Image credit: Getty Images / Image Source)
Dr Hutch profile
Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson is a writer, journalist and former professional cyclist. His Dr Hutch columns appears in every issue of Cycling Weekly magazine. Relevant to this column, 'Hutch', has held the title of 'Brompton folding-bike World Champion' three times.

I’ve been a fan of folding bikes for years. In a nation where secure bike storage is almost non-existent, and where bike theft is seen by the police as more of a punchline than an actual criminal offence, the idea that I can just fold a bike up, take it into my destination and stick it in a cloakroom or under a desk seems so simple and logical. 

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