Kidnap threats, accidents and bad roads - CW readers on the things that have put them off riding

We want everyone to cycle, but there are many reasons that discourage people from doing so

Cyclist in London
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cycling is the best, we all know this. It can get you places faster and more conveniently than other forms of transport; you can escape the city in minutes; it is a fantastic way to exercise, to socialise, to get out of your head.

Despite all these fantastic benefits, there is still a gap between those of us who are evangelical about life on two wheels and those who would rather do just about anything else than find themselves in the gutter as cars whizz past you.

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Adam Becket
News editor

Adam is Cycling Weekly’s news editor – his greatest love is road racing but as long as he is cycling on tarmac, he's happy. Before joining Cycling Weekly he spent two years writing for Procycling, where he interviewed riders and wrote about racing. He's usually out and about on the roads of Bristol and its surrounds. Before cycling took over his professional life, he covered ecclesiastical matters at the world’s largest Anglican newspaper and politics at Business Insider. Don't ask how that is related to cycling.