Arnold Schwarzenegger rides down wrong side of road in Edinburgh (video)

Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed unperturbed by the fact that he was cycling into oncoming traffic on a ride around Edinburgh

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pootle round Edinburgh on Wednesday could have ended very badly as the Terminator star set off riding down the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

The actor was in Scotland to star at a £1,500-a-head event at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, where he was interviewed about his rise to fame in front of his fans.

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Before fastening his black tie, Arnie took to the streets of the Scottish capital on two wheels, followed by a few fans. But as the below video shows, he forgot what country he was in and rode off down the wrong side of the road.

Completely unperturbed by the shouts of warning from those gathered around, and in the face of a bus driving straight at him, Arnie didn’t deviate from his incorrect line.

As the former governor of California has previously said, on a trip to London, he would not suffer if he were knocked down. “Don’t worry, I would have been fine – living tissue over a metal skeleton,” he tweeted.