British Cycling claims UK bike targets are ‘worryingly low’

The national governing body has warned that government plans to boost cycling targets in the UK are far too low.

British Cycling is concerned that UK government proposals to increase cycling do not meet the high standards of countries across Europe and they are not ambitious enough.

The UK is currently bottom of European cycling levels with only 2% of all trips being completed on a bike but the government’s Cycling Delivery Plan aims to raise Britain’s profile to much higher levels over a 10 year period.

British Cycling though claims the plan’s targets are not up to scratch.

A statement on group’s official website reads: “The plan goes on to detail the target, it opts for a much more manageable ‘doubling’ of cycle stages over the 10 year lifetime of the plan.

“Cycle stages refer to a sub-section of a trip, going from your home to work is a ‘trip’ – but if you cycle to the station then take the train to work, the cycle to the station is defined as a ‘stage’. This means that a doubling of cycle stages does not mean the country jumps from 2% to 4% of journeys.

“The government is suggesting a doubling in absolute numbers not a doubling in the proportion of cycle stages, meaning it can be partially reached by a natural growth in the population.

“This target is worryingly low, nowhere near the recommendation from the Get Britain Cycling report of 10% of all trips by 2025, and no way representing a ‘cycling revolution’. “

The government’s draft Cycling Delivery Plan is opening for consultation on November 13.

British Cycling’s statement added: “For the UK government’s plan to gain credibility it must detail when it expects cycling to reach 10% of all trips to ensure longer term planning for cycling and that it remains a core transport solution.”