Gethin Butler, former multi-distance time trial champion, had his first attempt at marathon running at the weekend ? and won it!

The cyclist turned runner clocked a highly respectable 2:34:29 in the Blackpool marathon to win by over a minute.

Butler is a recent convert to running after years of cycling success: ?I just started last summer after I packed up riding. I?ve not had much time to train before now but I do five miles to work and back and run with Preston Harriers. I have done some 10-mile and 20-mile races but this was my first marathon.?

Butler was pleasantly surprised to be first across the line: ?I didn?t expect to win. Perhaps the longer distance puts some people off but I seem to be built for it,? he said.

?I still ride to work and use the bike to get to running races,? said Butler of his current riding, ?but I?m pretty unfit.?

Asking a man the day after he has completed a marathon whether he is planning to do any more is unlikely to meet with a positive response: ?No plans at the moment. I have ticked that one off!? he said.