Cars and lorries to be banned from Bank junction cycle collision blackspot in London

City of London Corporation moving ahead with an 18-month trial banning cars, taxis and lorries from Bank junction between 7am to 7pm

All motor vehicles apart from buses will be banned from ‘dysfunctional and dangerous’ Bank junction in London from 7am to 7pm under a trial scheme to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

The notorious collision blackspot has come under intense scrutiny since the death of cyclist Ying Tao, who died after being hit by an HGV on the junction as she cycled to work. According to City of London figures, 1600 cyclists use the junction each rush hour period.

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Now, the City of London Corporation is pressing ahead with plans to ban cars, vans, lorries and taxis during the day for an 18-month trial period start in spring 2017, reports the Evening Standard. Anyone would contravening the ban may be liable to a £130 fine, under plans that will be agreed in December.

The measures were originally proposed in November 2015 by the City of London, which also wants to see the junction be completely redesigned in the long term.

Speaking last year when the original proposal for the scheme was announced, City of London chairman of planning and transportation Michael Welbank said: “Bank Junction is dysfunctional, dangerous, dirty, congested, and polluting. It is grossly inefficient for traffic, unsafe for pedestrians, with too many people milling around in a space design for horses and carts. This is completely inappropriate to form the heart of a modern city.

“We are committed to changing this, and making Bank a truly wonderful place for people to safely enjoy. The safety of all our road users is of paramount importance to us, especially pedestrians and cyclists. This is a radical step which will help reduce the number of tragic casualties within the Square Mile and make Bank a practical public space, and improve traffic flow in the City.”

Not everyone has welcomed the decision. London taxi drivers organisation United Cabbies Group has organised a protest at Bank junction against the ban on taxis.

A review of the ban will be made after the trial period, after which it may become permanent.