After being beaten by just three centimetres yesterday, Mark Cavendish is determined to make amends at Cittadella today.

Max Sciandri will be helping to put Cavendish in the picture by driving the final stretch of the Giro stage and relaying information about the finish to the High Road directeur sportif Valerio Piva.

The 177-kilometre 13th stage is as flat as can be and Liquigas and High Road will want to bring back any breaks to set up another showdown between Daniele Bennati and Cavendish.

This morning Cavendish admitted he had been disappointed to lose by such a narrow margin, particularly as he did not know the final bend could have been taken much faster.

Today?s finish is very similar. It?s twisty as they reach the town of Cittadella and t en there is a wide left-hand bend before the finish on smooth cobbles.

In order to avoid making the same mistakes twice, Sciandri, the former professional who now works as an adviser to British Cycling and who knows Cavendish well, will drive the final few kilometres severel hours ahead of the race.

Then he?ll call High Road?s Italian directeur sportif Valerio Piva to give as much information as possible about the finish which Piva can relay to Cavendish.

High Road are still learning the art of the lead-out train. Yesterday they lost Tony Martin, who?d been invaluable to Cavendish the day he won, in a crash 20 kilometresd from the finish.

Wiggins put in a fantastic effort and kept the pace very high, but when he pulled off, with about 700 metres to go, there was no one else to take it up, leaving the sprinters to fight among themselves.

Today may not be Cavendish?s last chance at this Giro.

The Giro route was revised three weeks before the start of the race. When originally published, stage 17 to Locarno featured some big hills.

But, realising the sprinters needed an incentive to battle on through the mountains, the organisers ironed out the route and now it?s a lot less difficult. It could offer Cavendish a final chance.

Robbie McEwen is set to quit the race after today?s stage, meaning there is one less man for Cavendish to worry about.

Daniele Bennati, who leads the points competition, realises he is going to have a real fight on his hands to win the jersey as there are so few sprinting opportunities.

The climbers will rack up points over the next few days, which could see Bennati lose the jersey.

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