Cycle Theft Survey seeks to find opinion from London cyclists

Online survey created by Stolen Ride and London Cycling Campaign aims to paint a picture of the concerns and needs of London cyclists today

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Stolen Ride and London Cycling Campaign have launched a cycle theft survey that aims to gauge opinion on the concerns and requirements for cycling in Britain’s capital.

The London Cycle Theft Survey 2016 asks a short series of multiple-choice questions on the experience of cyclists in London, focussing on cycle theft. The results will be made public by Stolen Ride and LCC when the survey is completed and the results have been analysed by online survey consultancy Quanteze.

“I urge all London cyclists to take and share this survey with others,” said Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride.

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“Data is not only essential to fully understand trends and habits; it can be used to push and influence change. Stolen Ride is currently focused on its expansion into crime prevention and this data will be vital in our mission to create awareness and to help keep London cycling.”

The survey takes just a few minutes to complete, and respondents can enter a draw to win a £549.98 commuter bike from Mango Bikes.

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Amy Summers, Campaigns Coordinator at LCC added: “Cycle theft is a huge problem and barrier to cycling growth in London. LCC is committed to creating a happier city for everyone and with two-thirds of victims giving up cycling after having a bike stolen, helping to tackle cycle theft is crucial. The data will help us craft campaigns to address specific areas.”

Earlier this year, Stolen Ride published a candid interview with a former bike thief, revealing the highly organised level at which bike thieves operate.