Cyclist filmed jumping six red lights in London by fellow rider (video)

A London commuter is filmed riding through six red lights in the evening rush hour, but his antics don't get him very far

A common gripe of law-abiding riders are those riders who jump red lights and giving cyclists a bad name. One rider in London recorded a fellow commuter scooting through six of them in the space of a matter of minutes on Tuesday evening.

The cyclist uploaded the footage to YouTube showing the rider travelling along Maida Vale towards the Kilburn High Road in North London. While the rider filming waited at the lights, the impatient rider just continues to pedal on through them.

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But the fact that he was able to catch up with the fellow just shows what a pointless act it was to jump the lights, with the video starting with a little message reading: “Dear fellow cyclist, is it really that difficult to wait at a red light?

“You managed to jump six red lights, but yet I still managed to keep up with you while I waited at those red lights. In future, maybe just wait and not risk your life?”

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On one jump the rider almost collides with another cyclist, while on some of the others he waits for a few seconds ahead of the lights before continuing his way before the lights change to green.