“Cyclists deserve to die, they are incompetent,” says London man (video)

A man in London has told a cyclist that cyclists deserve to die because they are their own worst enemy and are incompetent

In one of the more bizarre exchanges to come to light between a cyclist and a pedestrian, a gentleman in Kensington claimed that cyclists ‘deserve to die’ due to their incompetence.

YouTube user ‘leveret day’ uploaded the interaction, transcribing the course of events in which the man opened with a distasteful joke about the recent deaths of cyclists in the capital.

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“Another one bites the dust,” the man said, before claiming to pay £125 a year in road tax (which the cyclists points out was abolished decades ago) and saying that cyclists should have to pass a proficiency test.

“I see drivers who have apparently passed their test and they’re still reckless. And also, don’t you think that a lot of cyclists are also car users?” the cyclist responded, before the man says cyclists deserve to die.

The man sauntered off down Thurloe Place after saying that Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, needs to be “shot in the head”.

The cyclist noted under her video that the gentleman had approached her and started the conversation unprovoked as she wheeled her bike to cross at traffic lights.