Dr Hutch: Make the most of your riding partners, even if they are annoying

After considering the alternatives, Dr Hutch concludes that Bernard isn’t such a bad riding partner after all

People often ask me about my friend Bernard, who appears in these pages more often than he would prefer.

“Dr Hutch,” these people say, “why do you spend so much of your time riding with this man when you would so clearly like to drown him in a roadside ditch, frisk his jersey pockets for your stolen possessions, and leave his body pegged out in a field for the crows to eat?”

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Michael Hutchinson is a writer, journalist and former professional cyclist. As a rider he won multiple national titles in both Britain and Ireland and competed at the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He was a three-time Brompton folding-bike World Champion, and once hit 73 mph riding down a hill in Wales. His Dr Hutch columns appears in every issue of Cycling Weekly magazine