Mysterious fake 'no cycling' signs to be removed by council

A council in Scotland will remove fake 'no cycling' signs from a permitted path in St Andrews, put up by an unidentified man

Fake no cycling signs in St Andrews.

(Image credit: Brian Thomson/Chris Wallard)

A mysterious set of 'no cycling' signs are scheduled to be removed by the local council from a section of path in St Andrews, Scotland, where cycling is permitted.

The signs were reportedly installed on walls next to the one-and-a-half-mile long Lade Braes path from Bridge Street to Hepburn Gardens in St Andrews by an unidentified man, and were in no way sanctioned by Fife Council.

The authentic-looking signs in green with white writing said: "PUBLIC FOOTPATH - NO CYCLING". However, cycling is allowed on the public footpath, as it is on other paths, after an amendment to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act in 2003.

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Fife councillor and cyclist Brian Thomson told the Courier newspaper: “Why someone has gone to the effort of getting misleading signs made up, and then thought that they could get away with fixing them to walls, is quite bizarre.”

The council is due to remove the illegal signs this week.

"The Lade Braes is an excellent, safe route for children in particular and, as long as cyclists follow the access code, by dismounting and walking at narrow sections and giving advance warning of their presence, the potential for clashes with walkers should be minimised," said Thomson.

The appearance of the signs caused a debate on the St Andrews Photo Corner Facebook page after user Chris Wallard posted up photos off them, querying their validity.

"On Friday afternoon a man was spotted attaching up numerous signs like these to the walls at the end of Lade Braes. He didn't appear to be a council worker so does anyone know who did this?" wrote Wallard.

Lisa Leitch replied: "Imagine the look of the town if everyone popped up signs whenever they felt like it!! Wonder if they got planning permission for that sign."

Harry Spence added: "I still feel angered at the damage caused to the walls from this stupid act of vandalism, I really hope this scars his reputation as deeply, and costs him far more than the signs have."

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