Motorist charged with attempted murder after retired police officer knocked off bike

Cyclist left with a broken arm, broken leg, and a fractured pelvis after incident

(Photo: Lonpicman/CC3.0)

A motorist in the US state of Illinois has been charged with attempted murder after a former police officer suffered serious injuries after being knocked off his bike on Tuesday.

Andrew Tolle, 61, was found with a broken arm, broken leg, and a fractured pelvis, injuries that Knox County Assistant State’s Attorney Sabrina Stroops said Mr Tolle sustained after being hit by Jacqueline J. Wells.

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As the Galesburg Register-Mail reports, Ms Stroops told the court how Ms Wells had come up behind MrTolle, honked at him and pulled her car alongside him, before dropping back and knocking him off his bike.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, Mr Tolle told police how he had been riding his bike when a red Jeep pulled alongside him and a woman started making obscene gestures.

Mr Tolle said that the Jeep then rammed him twice, knocking him off his bike, and ran him over before driving away.

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As well as being charged with attempted murder, Ms Wells has also been charged with four counts of aggravated battery, aggravated reckless driving, failing to stop after having an accident involving personal injury or death, driving under the influence of alcohol, and a number of minor traffic offences.

Ms Wells reportedly yelled continuously at Judge Bruce Beal as he read out the charges, and will now be subject to a mental health assessment before her next court appearance.