Round-the-world cyclist made it from Scotland to London before theft thwarted effort

Josh Quigley covered 10,000 miles on his previous attempt and got as far as London before bike theft halted his sixth attempt

A Scottish round-the-world cyclist has had his bike stolen from a bike rack in London.

Josh Quigley was embarking upon the first part of an eight chapter journey around the world.

Stage one saw him aiming to cover 3,500 miles from Edinburgh to Istanbul.

On reaching London, Quigley was not able to take his bike into the hostel of choice, so locked it to a bike rack in Borough High Street outside St Christopher’s Inn.

It was no longer there on his return. Quigley discovered the bike missing on Friday April 21.

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MY BIKE HAS BEEN STOLEN… 🚴🏻‍♂️🌍 I know it’s a long shot, but I’d appreciate if people can share this post on my Facebook in the small chance that we might find a way of getting it back. I have a lot of people on social media in London and the UK and maybe we can use the power of social media to get it back and continue this journey. The bike was chained to a bike rack with a padlock on Borough High Street in London, just outside the Sainsbury’s shop and St Christopher’s hostel. I usually wouldn’t have the bike outside as I’d have it inside with me. But the hostel wouldn’t let me store it inside and they suggested I chained it up outside on the bike rack on the street. I feel terrible about this because I know it’s my fault, the bike is my responsibility and I lost it. I’ll try my best to get the bike back. I’m not a material guy and I have no attachment to the very few possessions that I own. But this bike does mean a lot to me, it’s been there with me from the beginning of this journey and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it saved my life. Whether or not I get it back. I’ll find a way to keep going. This is now technically my 6th attempt at cycling around the world. I will overcome this setback and see it though. This won’t stop me! 👊 Thanks ❤️

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The suicide survivor was embarking upon his sixth attempt at cycling around the world, having first made it his mission in 2016 following a battle with depression.

On his last attempt, the ‘Tartan Explorer’ made it 10,000 miles, covering 14 countries. He hoped his 2019 mission would take him the whole way, with a projected finish five years and 50,000 miles later.

Quigley shared an image of himself and the bike with ‘Stolen Ride’, the community based website which aims to help cyclists be reunited with stolen bicycles.

Speaking in a video uploaded to YouTube, Quigley said: “The bike means so much to me, it really took me out of that dark place in my life and helped me on that journey to happiness. I’ve now got to try and grieve for that bike.

“I need to try and get a new bike, and continue with the challenge.”

He did however reach out to the bike thief, writing on Twitter: “I’ll probably never meet you. But I wanted to say: I don’t hate you and I don’t judge you. I love you and I have empathy for your life situation. This bike changed the direction of my life. I hope it does the same for you.”