Spoof video highlights dangerous bike lanes in Manchester’s Exchange Square

The Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign has put together a spoof public service announcement video to highlight the dangerous bike lanes in the city

Last week it was revealed that a dangerous cycle lane in central Manchester had been concreted over because of safety concerns and it appears there are plenty of other sections of cycle infrastructure that leave cyclists scratching their head.

The Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign has created an excellent video highlighting the problems faced by cyclists in the city on a daily basis.

If they’re not trying to bunny hop over tram tracks, cyclists are regularly seen having to avoid pedestrians using the cycle lane as a footpath or take evasive action to avoid being swept up by a left-turning bendy bus.

Nick Hubble of the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign told the MEN: “Corporation Street has always been a key link for people cycling in the city centre, but Manchester City Council , TfGM and Metrolink have yet again engineered an environment that is hostile for people using cycles to get around the city.”

He added: “Rather than a safe, integrated cycling environment, cycling has yet again been squeezed – quite literally in this case – into the sidelines.

“People are expected to cycle between tram tracks and across them at shallow angles – which in other parts of Manchester with a similar arrangement has resulted in numerous cyclists being unseated and injured.”