Unconfirmed website reports have said that German cycling has received the umpteenth blow to its credibility as news broke that Stefan Schumacher has tested positive for amphetamine use in a police drug-driving test.

The Gerolsteiner rider failed a drug-driving test on October 7 when Schumacher had crashed his car into a garden post. He initially drove off before returning to the scene of the accident.

A bronze medallist in the 2007 World Championships, Classic specialist Schumacher?s result provided some consolation for the German authorities following a welter of anti-doping stories during the event themselves.

However, this latest development will do nothing but harm to professional cycling in Germany, and will not help Schumacher?s team, Gerolsteiner, find a new sponsor for 2009.

Given this is not a conventional positive anti-doping test, Schumacher will not himself be banned from racing. But the German?s reputation – already suspect following a failed doping test in 2005 (from which he was cleared) – will now be further tarnished.

?I don?t know how this could have happened,? Schumacher claimed. ?I know that?s not a good defence, but the only thing I know for sure is that I have never consciously taken banned drugs.?


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