Tweets of the week: Scary Halloween special

Warning: may contain traces of pure fire tweets

Halloween is supposed to be the scary holiday, where we indulge in all things spooky for one night. That was until the year 2020 came along and completely blew it out of the water.

Ghouls and skeletons? Try a global pandemic, mate. Zombies and Frankensteins? I raise you a crippling economic recession causing a lost generation amongst the youth.

Now we’re talking, that’s properly scary. Get Halloween on furlough pay ASAP, bit of apple bobbing and leftover trick or treat sweets as an alternative to eat out to help out. Sorted.

1. Oi Hollywood, buy the movie rights to this NOW.


2. I think this is the first time anyone’s thought about Franz Ferdinand since about 2008


3. Team car celebration videos will never get old


4. That’s one way to look at it, for sure


5. If Giovanni Visconti had won I’d have liked to see them try and dig out a Vini Zabù – KTM Arms for him to sit outside of, sipping a Peroni.

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6. This off-season is only 71 days long…what…


7. These Grand Tour contenders keep getting younger and younger I swear


8. At least @geraintthomas has a friend to share the pain with now


9. I was the Virgin Mary, no further comment will be provided at this time, thank you

10. Your weekly reminder (as if you need it) that Thomas De Gendt is just a nice, wholesome guy

11. Now, if we could just get him to as eloquently explain the latest on Brexit and the UK Government’s coronavirus strategy we’ll be sorted

12. El ouch

13. There’s nothing scarier than this

We’ll be back in seven day’s time with more fire tweets from the cycling world.