With the British road racing season about to get underway, cyclingweekly.co.uk is delighted to launch the 2009 Super Team Challenge ? our competition designed to crown the most impressive squad over the course of the coming season.

The Bikeline Two-Day is the opening round of the Premier Calendar and also the first counting event for the Super Team Challenge.

We launched the competition last year and CandiTV-Pinarello were comfortable winners in the end, thanks largely to Russell Downing?s dominance of the home scene.

This year the competition is bigger and better in every respect. There are more races, and more teams able to compete, so we?ve broadened the Super Team Challenge to include more events.

Points will be on offer at every major British event from the Tour of Britain to the National Circuit Race Series and everything in between. At the end of the season, we?ll crown the best team of the year.

The competition is open to all riders representing a British-based team or club in one of the counting events.

So, we?ve issued the challenge ? who will rise to the occasion? Will CandiTV-Pinarello be toppled? Rapha-Condor, Halfords Bikehut, Plowman Craven-Madison and the others will hope so.

The competition’s points system is designed to reward winners, although teams that consistently place a number of riders in the top positions will be able to compete, ensuring a close competition. And the points have been weighted to reflect the relative difficulty and prestige of the events, so victory in a Premier Calendar race over 90 or so miles scores more points than in an hour-long criterium.

Hopefully the ranking will reflect the racing and reward the strongest, most consistent team ? and add a little extra spice and friendly rivalry.

Let battle commence at the Bikeline. We’ll update the standings after each counting race, allowing the table toppers to bask in their superiority until the next event.


Points system and counting events
Open to all British-registered teams or clubs.

Tour of Britain
1st overall: 20pts
2nd overall: 15pts
3rd overall: 10pts
4th overall: 5pts
5th overall 3pts

Stage winner :10pts

Bonus for first eligible British rider overall: 6pts
Bonus for first eligible British rider on each stage: 2pts

National Road Race Championship and East Midlands Cicle Classic
1st: 16pts
2nd: 12pts
3rd: 10pts
4th: 8pts
5th: 4pts

All Premier Calendar races, National TT Championships, National Circuit Race Championships
Overall and one-day races
1st: 14pts
2nd: 10pts
3rd: 8pts
4th: 6pts
5th: 4pts

Stage winner: 5pts

Tour Series, National Circuit Race Series and Nocture Series races
1st: 10pts
2nd: 6pts
3rd: 3pts
4th: 2pts
5th: 1pt


1 CandiTV-Pinarello 111pts
2 Rapha-Condor-Recycling 49pts
3 Halfords Bikehut 48pts
4 Team 100% ME 14pts
5 Plowman Craven 12pts

Reigning Super Team: CandiTV-Pinarello

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