Bradley Wiggins and his Dutch Cofidis team-mate Michiel Elijzen won the 2007 Duo Normand on Sunday.

The 54.3km two-up time trial in Northern France was covered in 1-07-15 by Olympic medallist Wiggins and Elizen, 2-23 ahead of second placed Eric Berges and Denis Robin of Agritubel.

British pair Rob Hayles and Dan Duguid also competed in the Elite category, finishing 17th (out of 21) eight minutes adrift of Wiggins and Elijzen. You can read about Hayles and Duguid’s efforts in a forthcoming edition of Cycle Sport magazine.

First run in 1982, the Duo Normand has always attracted a strong British presence, and in the past has been won by Chris Boardman and Paul Manning. Boardman was part of the winning duo on three occasions in his career: 1993 (wth Laurent Bezault), 1996 (with Paul Manning) and 1999 (with Jens Voigt).

Wiggins has also just announced that he will be taking part in this year’s Rake hillclimb in Lancashire on October 14.


1 Bradley Wiggins/Michiel Elijzen 1-07-15

2 Eric Berges/Denis Robin 1-09-38

3 Gustav Larsson/Victor Hugo Pena 1-09-50

4 Martin Mortensen/Thomas Guldhammer 1-10-57

5 Jens Erik Madsen/Michael Tronberg 1-11-03

6 Kjetil Ingvaldsen/Havard Nybo 1-11-09

7 Florent Brard/Nicola Fritsch 1-11-49

8 Steven Van Vooren/Bruno De Poorter 1-12-25

9 Ondrej Sosenka/Jakub Novak 1-12-25

10 Lilian Jegou/Cyril Monnerais 1-12-26

Other British

17 Rob Hayles/Daniel Duguid 1-15-16


Official event site: www.duonormand.com.