Your Strava data analysed by Canyon's Beyond Limits app

Canyon has launched an app which produces an infographic and ranking based on your Strava data

Beyond Limits app produces a performance infographic

Competing for Strava KOMs can be a disheartening exercise if you persistently end up in the middle ranks regardless of how hard you think you have gone.

Canyon’s new Beyond Limits (opens in new tab) app looks at you last 30 rides on Strava and calculates an infographic of how your best ride compares with your average. It also ranks you against other people who have used the app.

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The diagram which the app produces shows your average and calculated “limit” performance data over the 30 rides against the best ride which you have done in the period, along three axes: distance, time and power.

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App shows the ranking of your last 30 rides against all participants

App shows the ranking of your last 30 rides against all participants

For the competitive, there’s also a ranking along the three axes against all other participants who have used the app, along with an overall rank. And if you share your results via social media, Canyon will enter you into a competition to win a one-off custom version of its new Exceed CF SLX mountain bike.

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The app features Canyon’s sponsored MTB rider Alban Lakata and his power and performance data, when winning the UCI XCM World Championship.

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Canyon says that each person’s infographic is different and can reflect whether, for example, you went for a particularly intense short ride or a longer ride which stretched your total distance covered. If you think you can do better than is reflected by your last 30 rides, Canyon challenges you to go out and ride, then refresh your performance data to see how this is reflected in your infographic.

It’s also a good way to get some more bragging rights against your clubmates and fellow riders.

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