Leaked: Are these Garmin's new Edge 540 and 840 cycling computers?

Online listings of the devices have since been deleted

Garmin cycling computers
(Image credit: Adorama)

Garmin is set to release its new Edge 540 and 840 cycling computers, recent leaked images suggest. 

The images, which surfaced over the weekend on US electronics website Adorama, show what appear to be more compact, updated versions of Garmin’s best-selling Edge cycling devices. Adorama has since removed the listings, which are assumed to have gone live prematurely. 

If this is the case, then a new product launch from Garmin appears to be just around the corner. Almost four years have passed since the brand launched the Edge 530 and higher-end touchscreen offering Edge 830, with customers now eagerly awaiting new iterations of these models. 

The same images were used for both the Edge 540 and 840 listings, but are thought to only correspond to the former which, unlike the 840, is expected to have side buttons. 

Additional listings on Adorama also showed ‘Solar’ versions of the two new models. Currently, Garmin only offers this technology in its top-tier Edge 1040 Solar GPS, which was released in June 2022. 

Garmin’s ‘Solar’ technology is also used across its smartwatch ranges and, according to the brand, “provides significantly longer battery life so you can do what you love longer”. 

Although the exact specifications of the new devices remain unknown, they are expected to come with an improved battery life, with Solar versions gaining up to 100 hours when supported by direct sunlight. 

The devices are also likely to include on-screen workout prompts, improved connectivity features, stamina insights, multi-band global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology for positioning accuracy and Garmin’s lauded climbing assist tool ClimbPro. 

In terms of costs, the listing for the Edge 540 showed a price tag of $349.99 (circa £286), while the Edge 840 was displayed at $449.99 (circa £367). 

The Edge 540 Solar was listed at $449.99 (circa £367), with the Edge 840 Solar at $549.99 (circa £449), both significantly cheaper than the company’s current Edge 1040 Solar, priced online at $749.99 (£629.99).

It is important to note, however, that Garmin is yet to release information about the devices, so the official pricing remains uncertain. 

A launch date for the new models is also unknown, but some expect their release to be imminent. Garmin previously chose spring 2019 to launch its Edge 530 and 830 devices, so it is likely the new computers will be on shelves before the summer. 

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