Casual cycling t-shirts from brands you haven’t heard of

We cyclists all like to look great on the bike, but now with the help of some seriously stylish casual t-shirts we can look equally sharp be it sitting on the sofa watching the sport’s biggest races or out on the town

(Image credit: mike prior)

Bonk Athletic

M1k3_04651 copy

(Image credit: mike prior)


Although the name Bonk might raise some eye-brows, Bonk’s cycling related t-shirts will get you noticed for the right reasons.

Bonk has three cycling themed t-shirts- two with a fixed wheel bike design and one with a time trial bike.

The custom fit feels good, allowing you to get away with moving up a size for a baggier feel or going with your normal size for a smart look. The print quality is good but could be a little sharper.

Lastly, the material feels nice, not too heavy while being thick enough to not snag easily.

Plain Lazy

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Plain Lazy markets itself as being refreshing and cheeky. This is reflected in the casual t-shirts we received.

With the Tour de France on as we speak, the t-shirt saying “my other jersey is yellow” is particularly current. It is personal preference, but we prefer more of a gloss print finish than the one used for these t-shirts.

The shape of the t-shirts is more classic than custom, but still has a nice fit. The t-shirts are made out of 100% cotton and they feel like they’ll last.

If you want a quirky cycling related pun on your t-shirt then these are the t-shirts for you.

Whitstable T- Shirt Company

M1k3_04654 copy

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£21.99 (£23.99 for the Superieur t-shirt)

Based in the Kent seaside town, the Whitstable T-Shirt Company has a nice line of cycling decorated t-shirts. The t-shirts are sourced from UK suppliers and printed on site.

The t-shirts have a nice cut, being long but not too wide. The material of the £21.99 t-shirts is light, so ideal for the summer months but you might prefer the sturdier feel of the Superieur t-shirt. Also, the washed out look of the print could divide opinion.

Especially during the month of July, the lightweight feel and unique decals of these t-shirts appeal.

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