Fizik Cyrano handle bars

If you’re going to launch into the busy handlebar market these days, you’d better come armed with a broad range and a good explanation of what everything is — and that’s exactly what Fizik has done with its Cyrano range of bars.

First spotted in 2009, the Cyrano seatpost was Fizik’s initial venture into the realm of components and, for us at least, it was a big hit. It took four seasons before the rest of the component range arrived with the pros and now it’s our turn to take a look.

Fizik has its own take on saddle fit, and it has carried that philosophy over to the hardware components as well. There are three options, which use flexibility as a test to get the right shape: Bull, Chameleon and Snake.

If you’re not familiar with them, the Bull is for the least flexible when reaching for your toes, the Snake the most flexible with the Chameleon somewhere in the middle. When it comes to the bars, the reach and drop of the bars have been tailored to correspond with levels of flexibility and are the same across the models.

- Snake: 85mm reach 140mm drop

- Chameleon: 85mm reach, 135mm drop

- Bull: 80mm reach, 130mm drop

Starting with an entry-level price of £79.99 is the R3, made from Ergal aluminium. As with all the variants, there are four width options available, measured from centre-to-centre.

R1 heads up the middle-of-the-range option, but is a jump in terms of price against the R3 at £235. Again, it comes in four widths and three specific shapes but is made from uni-directional carbon-fibre, hence the price hike.

                 “Flexibility is used as a test to get the right shape”

Sitting atop the heap is the R00, another step on in terms of price at £299.99. With that you get a higher modulus carbon construction that’s both stiffer and lighter, to help justify the additional £65 outlay.

Fizik Cyrano R1

Along with the range of bars, it won’t surprise you to learn that Fizik has also created a couple of stems to complete the range. What might raise a few eyebrows it that they’ve only created one model. Fizik say that this is because current carbon stems don’t offer any tangible benefit; they tend to be heavier and not as stiff.


Priced at £89.99, the R1 stem is aluminium with titanium hardware, comes in 70-130mm lengths with a seven-degree angle or in 80-130mm with a 20-degree tilt — both are flip-able to offer a rise or drop.

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