Knog unveils its new Cobber lights boasting 330 degree lighting

Because it’s always winter somewhere

(Image credit: Anna Brady)

We may be revelling in the lighter evenings. But for Aussie brand Knog, nighttime riding is just starting. So it’s chosen to indulge its home market with the launch of the new Cobber light.

The Cobber is designed to give a really wide angle of illumination, with 330 degree lighting, so that you can be seen well from just about all angles as well as see ahead yourself. There are front and rear Cobber lights and they come in three sizes, with each having up to eight lighting levels.

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The Big Cobber front bashes out 280 lumens constant for 2.5 hours or 470 lumens flashing for 3.5 hours from its COB LED array. Amongst its eight mode arsenal, it also has an eco mode which will shine 35 lumens for 120 hours. The rear version will give 160 lumens constant for 2 hours, 270 lumens flashing for 6.5 hours or 15 lumens flashing for 100 hours.

The curved design of the Cobber lights leads to a broad angle of illumination

Height is 92mm, width 33mm and it weighs just 59 grams. Knog says that it will charge up fully via USB in 5.5 hours.

The Mid Cobber will flash at 320 lumens out front and 170 lumens out back and weighs 44 grams, while the Lil’ Cobber weighs 22 grams and has a maximum 110 lumen flashing front output and 50 lumens flash at the rear.

Aussie dollar prices for the Cobber are: $129.95 for the Big, $99.95 for the Mid and $69.95 for the Lil’ – the same for both front and rear.

In the UK you can buy the Big Cobber for £74.99 or a twin pack for £139.99, the Mid Cobber for £59.99 or as a twin pack for £114.99 and the Lil’ Cobber for £44.99 or a twin pack for £84.99.

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We’ll have a review of the Cobber light on Cycling Weekly in the next few months. Just don’t expect us to get excited about riding with lights again any time soon.

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