Muc-Off launches new e-bike product range at Eurobike

Also a women’s chamois cream, tubeless valves and turbo-fettling

Muc-Off has today announced what it says is an exciting new range of products, which demonstrate and paralleled level of attention to detail in order to help meet the growing needs of today’s cyclists.

e-bike specific maintenance products

That starts with e-bike products. Muc-Off says that as the take-up of e-bikes has gathered pace, there’s a need for e-bike specific maintenance products. The mix of electric currents and water can mean that e-bike parts are more prone to electrolytic corrosion than a normal machine.

So Muc-Off has a new anti-corrosion spray (£14.99), which uses additives and inhibitors to keep corrosion at bay. Muc-Off says that it also works on already-corroded or rusty surfaces, by driving out moisture and leaving an anti-corrosive layer to protect your e-bike.

There’s also a new e-bike dry chain cleaner (£9.99) and dry wash (£11.99), which obviate rinsing with water – probably a good idea with electrical components around.

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In addition, there are beefed up lubricants to cope with the higher torque loads that an e-bike’s motor puts through the chain. The three e-bike lubricants are All Weather (£9.99), Ceramic Wet and Dry Weather (both £6.99) formulations, to cope with whatever conditions you ride your e-bike through. Like Muc-Off’s other lubes, they include a UV tracer dye, so you can make sure you’ve applied them evenly.

More new products

Other new products from Muc-Off include a women’s chamois cream (£13.99). It says that this is pH balanced, with natural fragrances and provitamins. It’s also antibacterial and works if you have sensitive skin.

When you’re lugging your disc braked bike around or cleaning it, Muc-Off has a patent pending neoprene disc brake cover (£22.50) to help protect your stoppers from stray lubricant or frame protector.

Protect your disc rotors with Muc-Off's new covers

If you’re wedded to your turbo, Muc-Off also has a new indoor training range, which it says will protect your bike and turbo from sweat damage as well as keeping it clean and bug-free.

So Muc-Off Sweat Protect (£9.99) is another corrosion inhibitor to keep the salt from your sweat at bay. It’s another product which you can use UV to ensure you’ve applied correctly.

Muc-Off's new lines include tubeless valves in an array of colours

Muc-Off’s Antibacterial Equipment Cleaner (£9.99) is designed to help you clean up your bike or other gym equipment after a workout. It says that it works on multiple surfaces and can just be sprayed on and wiped off to have its effect.

Finally, Muc-Off has a new tubeless valve kit in 44mm and 60mm lengths (£22.50). The valves are made of aluminium and are available in a range of eight colours. The cores are designed with flats for easy removal, while the stem incorporates a 4mm allen key head.

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